FIFA 20: How to Get FUT Coins Fast & Easy

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FIFA 20, the new game in the annual series from EA Sports, is finally here. The first thing that many players will do is jump straight into Ultimate Team. So that you can build a team quickly, here’s everything you need to know about how to get FUT coins fast and easy in FIFA 20.

Coins are vital as they allow you to improve your team, win more games, and in turn make more coins. It’s an almost never ending cycle that sees more coins make more coins. It’s why Ultimate Team is so difficult to put down.

Ways to Get FUT Coins Fast & Easy in FIFA 20

Open FIFA 20 Bronze Packs

One thing that you can do to make money at any point in FIFA 20’s cycle is open bronze packs for easy coins.

There’s a long list of reasons why bronze cards are worth a lot: they’re sometimes part of SBC solutions, they’re often rare, or are needed for League SBCs.

You will only need to open 400 coin bronze packs and it’s not a case of selling everything you get immediately. Players often raise in price over time, so keep the in your club until they’re worth selling if they’re only a couple of hundred coins now.

Then, club items like kits and badges are worthless, so you can just discard them, and the consumables you’re getting are essentially free and mean you don’t have to spend coins on them at any other point in FIFA 20’s life.

Yes, it is boring, but if you open a lot and keep on top of what cards are worth selling and what you have in your club, there’s the potential to make millions.

Squad Building Challenges – How to Get FUT Coins Fast & Easy

SBCs are the best addition to FIFA Ultimate Team in a long time and they’re arguably the best way to make large amounts of coins.

The basic and advanced challenges are great at the start of the game as they grant big value packs for a small outlay. Don’t rush into completing them though, as it’s best to wait until you have cards that aren’t worth much to use.

If you rush to get them done, you’ll likely overpay for some players and reduce the potential profit.

For example, full backs from nations like Argentina or Brazil, or players from those nations from off leagues like the Ukranian League or Saudi League will often be expensive, so bide your time and wait for the value to be optimal.

Also, keep an eye on flash and limited SBCs that will crop up in FIFA 20, such as Marquee Matchups, as they often require certain cards that you may own.

Check the requirements the moment they go live (usually 1pm ET) and sell anything relevant that you have in your club. Sometimes, bronze and silver players that were worth 200 coins are suddenly worth 10k.

Market Trading

Trading is a complex one because there are so many ways you can approach it and which you go for depends on how much you want to risk and how much time you have.

If you’ve got loads of time, just trying to snipe cards below their real market value at the 59 minute mark can lead to easy profit, especially early in the game when the market is more unpredictable and more cards are worth a decent number of coins.

However, if you’re limited on time, consumable trading is simple. If you’re noticing that something like Anchor Chem Styles, CF-CAM Position Modifiers, or Pace Attribute Cards are cheaper than usual, for whatever reason, you can buy loads and keep them in your club until the price goes back up and you can sell for profit.

That way of trading is simple and require little attention to be payed to the market as a whole, although it does require you to have a decent amount of capital to begin with.

Then, there’s the option for time of day trading or trading with certain types of FIFA 20 card.

Icon, TOTW, or OTW trading is high risk but potentially high profit, with you picking up special cards when they’re low and flipping them when they spike.

Or, you can buy popular cards – think your Kevin De Bruynes or Paul Pogbas – before the Thursday morning rewards release, when demand is low, and then flip them once rewards are out and players have more coins to spend.

The demand for desirable cards will go up and you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

There are loads of trading options, but you can make profit from pretty much anything if you learn how its market fluctuates. There’s also some great in depth trading YouTube channels that are worth checking out.

Don’t Buy Packs With Coins in FIFA 20

Now, this isn’t strictly a way to make coins but if you want to keep your coins total high and keep hold of the resources that’ll allow you to make coins, do not, under any circumstance, buy gold packs with coins.

You’ll almost never make your coins back, so just avoid it. There are enough other ways to earn coins and players in FIFA 20 by playing the game normally that you shouldn’t need to.

After all, FIFA Points are there if you really need to satiate your pack appetite.

Keep a Close Eye on Seasons Objectives – How to Get FUT Coins Fast & Easy

Seasons Objectives are the big new feature for Ultimate Team in FIFA 20 and it’s the home of loads of coin making opportunities.

First of all, the vital coin boosts that you could get from the Catalogue in previous games are gone, but now some can be earned by completing objectives and as rewards for levelling up.

Take a look at all the easy objectives and make them the first thing you do when you start playing FIFA 20. It’ll give you a small coin boost when you start, allowing you to upgrade to a functional squad pretty quickly.

Also, new objectives are due to be released regularly, so keep an eye on them so that you’re not missing out on easy coins and XP.

The XP focused objectives are also important as they’ll help you earn rewards by levelling up. The packs tend to be untradeable, but you might be able to get a player that can go into your first 11, allowing you to sell a tradeable card and make some coins.

Also, certain players might be useful for certain objectives. If you don’t need them yourself, check what you have in your club and sell them while they’re relevant.

In short,

  1. Open FIFA 20 Bronze Packs (Bronze Pack Method)

  2. Don’t Buy Packs With Coins

  3. Keep a Close Eye on Seasons Objectives

  4. Use Market Trading Opportunities

  5. Make Coins From Squad Building Challenges

That’s everything you need to know about how to get FUT coins fast and easy in FIFA 20. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite or check out our wiki guide. We have also listed some other helpful guides down below.

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