Pachimari Roadhog in Overwatch 2
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Everything New in Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi Event 2023, Explained

Pachimari goodness for everyone!

Overwatch 2’s dedicated Pachimari event, PachiMarchi, has returned for 2023. Between the dates of March 21 and April 4, players can participate in limited-time game modes and earn in-game rewards such as skins, player icons, and more. If you’re wondering what will be available during the event, we have everything you’ll need to know. Here’s all you need to know about everything new in Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi event 2023.

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Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi event brings back several features, such as log-in rewards, and play-to-win rewards, such as an Epic Roadhog skin, name card, a weapon charm, and profile icon. Alongside these returning features, there is also the inclusion of a brand new limited-time game mode called Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari.

What’s New in Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi 2023 Event?

There’s plenty of Pachimarchi-themed goodness to go around for every Overwatch fan, featuring the adorable little onion-shaped critter.

Pachimarchi Event summary in Overwatch 2
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Everything is summarized in the promotional image above, but each event feature will be explained further below, so continue reading for all the specific details you’ll need to know.

Roadhog’s Catch-A-Mari Game Mode

Roadhog’s Catch-A Mari is a new limited-time Kill Confirmed Game Mode that will run for the event. For now, the Overwatch team hasn’t gone into much more detail or provided any sneak peek at how this game mode will operate, but if the Battle for Olympus event limited-time game mode is any indicator, then I’m sure it will have some fun spin.

All New Rewards in Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi 2023 Event

Roadhog’s Epic Pachimari Skin

Roadhog’s Epic Pachimari skin will be an earnable reward throughout Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi event. This was a one-time skin released in the previous PachiMarchi event that the team has brought back once more. Still, the limited re-release gives players who missed the chance to grab it for their collection and new players to the game who never got the opportunity to participate in a PachiMarchi event.

Hogimari Player Icon

Players who log in to the Overwatch 2 game within the dates of the PachiMarchi 2023 event will automatically receive a ‘Hogamari’ Player Icon as a reward for doing so. There’s been no promo image of this icon, but the name indicates it will feature a Pachimari character inspired by Roadhog, perhaps wearing his mask or wielding his hook.

Challenge Rewards

There are also several event challenges providing rewards when completed. These rewards include a series of Pachimari-themed Player Icons, a Pachimischief Weapon Charm, and a Triple Pachimari Player Card.

While Blizzard has posted no official images of these items, the well-known Overwatch leaker OWCalvary has posted an image that appears to show off these items. You can view these in the Twitter post below.

That’s all you need to know about everything new in Overwatch 2’s PachiMarchi event 2023. Check out the rest of our content for more helpful gameplay guides, lists, and news. We have a variety of Overwatch topics to keep you updated on all of your favorite heroes and villains, so feel free to scroll down and look through our related links below.

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