Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Town Building Guide

How to build an empire!

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes lets you convert your headquarters into a fully-functioning city through one of the longest side-quests in the game. Here’s how to get the best out of EIyuden Chronicles’ town building.

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Town Building Basics in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

You’ll first gain access to your headquarters following the invasion of Eltisweiss. After choosing a name, you’ll have the ability to build your town, watching the population grow and unlocking new facilities.

Your town begins at level 1, and you can upgrade it all the way to level 4. However, building your town is a process that will take the majority of the game.

  • The Level 2 upgrade needs 6400 Headquarters Funds, 100 food, and 26+ recruited heroes
  • For Level 3 you’l need 11760 Headquarters Funds, 4 Excellent Laquer, and 46+ recruited allies
  • For Level 4 you’ll need 38400 Headquarters Funds, 380 food, 60 pelts, 2 Legendary Beast Horns, and 100+ allies.

At each level, you can build or upgrade a selection of different facilities. Each new facility requires a variety of different materials, while building something new requires someone to run it. Luckily, you’ll get their silhouette, and once you’ve met the character in question, that silhouette will be replaced with their image. Recruiting B’baba will give you further hints on how to find them.

At first, you’ll need to find materials in the wild, but as you progress you’ll be able to create facilities that will allow you to generate these materials passively. For example, recruiting Kerrin will unlock the ability to build a Woodcutter’s Shack, which lets you passively generate lumber.

Another important aspect of town-building is funding. You can’t use Nowa’s own baqua for this, but your town will passively generate income, which increases as you grow and build more facilities.

How to Get Rare Materials

As you progress through your town-building adventure you’ll eventually reach the point where you need rare materials. At first, these materials can only be found at harvest points, but upgrading the mission guild will let you find materials appropriate for whichever level you’re at.

Luckily, you can see where to find rare materials in the drafting studio. Hover over a facility and it will list all of the materials needed to build it. From there, press the Main Menu button to see where each of the listed materials can be found.

Eiyuden Chronicle Town Building
Image Source: 505 Games

When your headquarters is listed (New Hope’s Haven, in this example), the item can be either generated passively or found by your parties in the Mission Guild. Otherwise, you’ll need to look for harvest points on the noted maps.

  • Wood materials, such as mystic lumber and sacred tree chips, can be found by searching trees.
  • Stone and ore, such as platinum ore or orichalcum, can be found by examining clusters of blue crystals.
  • Monster materials, such as legendary beast horns and dire beastbones, can be found by examining animal skeletons.

Luckily, materials will pop up at the same harvest point, and regenerate every five minutes. Some support heroes, Ormond and Marin, will increase the amount you’ll harvest.

The caveat, of course, is that higher quality materials will be deeper within a zone, with several areas cordoned off by guards. The Dappled Forest, for example, is separated into three different areas. The area you can initially explore has plenty of lumber, while the second offers mystic lumber and excellent lacquer. These areas will gradually open up as you progress through the game.

The Mission Guild

If you want to significantly speed up your town-building, prioritize the mission guild wherever possible, as this will let you generate materials automatically while you play.

Each character has four stats: Foraging, Physical Strength, Charisma, and Luck, rated from D to S. Your aim is to build a party of four with the highest overall rating possible. Anything above an A will increase your chances of getting an Epic Success, which nets you more materials. Each mission has different requirements, so look at the parameters while building your team.

In addition to their base stats, each character has a leader skill. Placing them in the first slot of a team will net you a bonus based on the skill, such as increasing your foraging or luck stat.

Eiyuden Chronicle Mission Guild
Image Source: 505 Games

Each possible mission has a piece of rare loot available. If you want to collect them all, Larla’s leader skill will greatly increase your chances. You can easily see which ones you’ve collected already, as they’ll be greyed out on the mission screen.

Once you’ve sent a team on a mission, the mission will automatically renew over and over again until you either abort it manually or add one of the members to your party. Prioritize the missions which offer what you need, and you’ll eventually reach a point where returning to your headquarters after a dungeon will net you plenty of materials for upgrades. However, you’ll need to find rare material in the field to unlock the missions where your team can find it themselves.

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