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How to Unlock All Characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Gotta Recruit'em'all

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has a massive 120 heroes to add to your party, and while not all of them are controllable in battle, all of them have something to add, whether that’s boons outside of combat or new facilities in your town. Here’s our guide on how to recruit all characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

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Important Things to know

Two of the heroes will make collecting the others much easier. Carrie, a story-mandated character, unlocks the ability to fast travel, while B’baba, who is recruited as part of Faye’s quest, unlocks the divining parlor, which lets you see where (and how) to unlock other heroes. Although Carrie is a mandated character we’ve put her in this list for convenience.

Additionally, Stadler unlocks the ability to level up your non-active party members, which can help keep everyone at a decent level.

Several of the recruitable heroes require investment in the many minigames within Eiyuden Chronicle. Additionally, some characters are missable – we’ve marked these wherever possible.

Part 1

Mellore – You’ll encounter Mellore while walking down the central street in Eltisweiss. Follow her to the entrance of the town, and follow her to complete a sidequest.

Iugo – Iugo can be found in a bar hidden away in Eltisweiss. To find it, go to the easternmost road. There’s an alleyway between some buildings. Speak to him to recruit him automatically.

Franscesca – Franscesca can be found in Altverden Village. Speak to her to recruit her automatically.

Kuroto – To recruit Kuroto, speak to him in Altverden Village. You’ll need to complete a sidequest to recruit him.

Yusuke – You’ll find Yusuke being accosted by some guards in Fort Xialuke. Speak to him and he’ll join your party.

Gigina – You’ll be able to recruit Gigina in Arenside, after completing the initial events in the abandoned mines. If Nowa is Level 9 or higher, he’ll join your team automatically.

Yume (and Friend) – You can only recruit Yume once you’ve recruited Mellore. Speak to her grandmother in the entrance of Werne Village, then head to Redthroat Ridge to find Yume playing with Friend, a large yeti-like creature. Speak to Yume to recruit them.

Part 2 (After Obtaining the Headquarters)

Martha – Speak to Martha east of the inn at your Headquarters.

Ormond – You’ll find Ormond at the midpoint of the Abandoned Mines. You’ll need to find three pieces of Iron Ore and he’ll join your party.

Hiro – You can find Hiro at the midpoint of the Abandoned Mines. Speak to him and he’ll join your party.

Galdorf – Galdorf is hanging around the entrance of the Abandoned Mines. Bring him a Palenight Armor and he’ll join your team. You can find this armor at a harvest point within the mines, or in a treasure chest in the Proving Grounds.

Falward – Falward is acting as a medic at the meeting hall in Altverden Village. Give him 15 healing herbs and he’ll join your party.

Frida – Speak to Frida outside her shop in Werne Village and she’ll join your party.

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Wyler and Marin– You’ll find Wyler at the entrance of Bounty Hill. Help him find his sister Marin, and they’ll both join your party.

Kerrin – Kerrin is outside a hut in the Dappled Forest. Speak to her, then harvest 20 lumber and speak to her again to recruit her.

Dr. Corque and Reid– Initiate the Beigoma sidequest in Eltisweiss by speaking to Reid. As you go through the sidequest you’ll unlock Dr. Corque, then Reid. This quest unlocks here, but it’s likely you’ll unlock these characters until later on.

Gieran – You’ll find Gieran in The Greatwood – East, looking for a Rune of Conservation. This item is a reward from beating the area’s boss. Once you’ve done so, return to Gieran to recruit him.

Part 3: On the Way to Hishahn

Chron – Speak to him in the south of your headquarters.

Squash – Speak to Squash at the Treefolk Village. He’ll ask for a Sparklestone. This item is dropped by Phantombirds and Red Wyverns in the Dappled Forest.

Pastole – Speak to him in Twinhorne East. Recruiting Pastole unlocks a hunter’s cabin in your headquarters.

Mariette – You’ll find Mariette in Twinhorne East. Speak to her and she’ll ask you to find her lost charm. To find it, take part in battles in the Greatwood until a treasure chest gimmick appears. Open the chest, complete the battle, and speak to her again.

Kurtz – Speak to Kurtz in Hishahn. He’ll ask for a Grilled Tutava recipe. You’ll find this by speaking to one of the treefolk in Treefolk Village. This is only available once the quest has been initiated. Kurtz unlocks the restaurant in your headquarters.

Celia – Once you’ve built a restaurant in your headquarters, you’ll unlock the cooking battle minigame there. New chefs will appear periodically to challenge Kurtz. Celia is unlocked near the end of the questline. As part of the quest you’ll need to find a Scroll of Heaven – this can be found at a harvest point in the Seaside Cavern.

Huang – Speak to Huang in Hishahn to get a bamboo rod. He’ll ask for a Wheel-Eye Bream – you can catch this elusive fish from a fishing point south-west of the Seaside Cavern.

Nell – Nell is hidden behind an empty shop stall in Hishahn. Speak to them to recruit them

Riufan – Speak to Riufan in Hishahn once Nowa is Level 32 or above. He’ll challenge you to a duel – beat him to recruit him.

Part 4: After Hishahn

During your time at Hishahn you’ll meet Carrie, a required party member who unlocks the fast travel mechanic. This makes it easier to backtrack and recruit heroes in previous areas.

Pieter – Speak to Pieter in Werne Village. This unlocks a farm at your headquarters.

Glen – Speak to Glen at Arenside, then beat him in a game of cards to recruit him. This unlocks a card shop in your headquarters.

Shixeen – Shixeen can be found in the card shop once you’ve collected 120 cards. Defeat her in a match to recruit her.

Leon – Speak to Leon outside your headquarters western gate once you achieve Headquarters level 2.

Faye and B’baba – Once you’ve met up with Perrielle in Hishahn, walk around the left side of the trade shop in your headquarters to initiate a scene. Once that’s done, you can find B’baba in the building next to the rune shop in Daphan Village. Recruit her, build the divination parlor, and speak to her and she’ll give hints on where to find Faye. In order, you’ll need to visit Yusuke, Franscesca, and Yume, returning to B’baba in between them. After finding Faye with Yume, she’ll join your team.

Lam – Speak to Riufan in the restaurant of your HQ to initiate the quest, add him to your party, and head to Daphan Village. Speak to the blonde NPC and watch the scenes that follow when you try to leave the village to recruit her. Important: This quest is bugged at the time of writing, and speaking to Lam without Rufian will prevent you from recruiting her.

Hakugin – Speak to her in Daphan Village with Mio in your team and she’ll join you automatically.

Code L – Speak to him in the rune shop in Daphan Village and he’ll ask for a Rune of Currents. You’ll find this rune by defeating the boss in Hishahn Old Town.

Enoe – Speak to him in Daphan Village once you’ve built the Mission Guild.

Fume – Speak to him in the Dappled Forest once you’ve built the Mission Guild.

Larla – Speak to her in Eltisweiss once you’ve completed one mission from the Mission Guild with a Great or Epic rating.

Part 5: Old Areas

EIyuden Chronicle Recruitment Screen
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Milana – Speak to her in the rune shop of your headquarters once both are at level 2.

Paquia and Mandie – Speak to Paquia in Arenside. She’ll ask for five regular eggs: these are dropped by Eggfoots outside the headquarters, Odd Eggs outside Kyshiri Village, and Shell Eggs outside Eltisweiss. Return to Paquia with the eggs to recruit her, and Mandie will automatically join as well.

Douglas – Speak to Douglas in the smithy in Eltisweiss. He’ll ask for ten pieces of iron ore. Bring them to him to recruit him, unlocking a smithy at your headquarters. Note: Only ore mined after initiating the quest are counted.

Isha: Speak to Isha in your headquarters to initiate a quest. First, you’ll need to find a missing black cat in the lower left of Eltisweiss. Next, you’ll need to collect a cockatrice egg from the treasure chest gimmick in Mountain Path Homeward. Finally, you’ll need to deliver a package to the item shop in Arenside. Once this is done, speak to Isha again to recruit her.

Maureus – Speak to him in Mountain Path Homeward with a party member who has over 250 base MP.

Aire – Speak to Aire in Hisahn when Nowa’s base speed is above 135, which he achieves at level 36. You’ll race in a cut scene, after which Aire will join your team.

Jorhan – Speak to him in Hishahn. He’ll ask for a Yellow Rose Censer. To get this item you’ll need to find an Unknown Antique by defeating Scarabs in the Eastern Desert, then taking them to an appraisal shop. The scarabs drop two different Unknown Antiques. If you can’t find it straight away, be patient. Note: You’ll get an extra scene if Perielle is in your party when you speak to him.

Part 6: New Areas

Rody – Speak to him in Dabavin. He’ll ask for a Pearl Pocket Watch. You can find one in a treasure chest at the den of the dunes, and you can also collect an Unknown Pocket Watch after defeating Desert Killers in the Great Sandy Sea, then take it to an appraisal shop. Desert Killers drop two different Unknown Pocket Watches. If you can’t find it straight away, be patient.

Reyna – Speak to Reyna in Dabavin and she’ll ask to battle you. Your goal is to take her to 50% health in three turns or less – that’s 1573 damage on Normal or 1699 damage in hard mode. This may be difficult at first, so you may need to return later on.

Prunella – Speak to her at the inn in Dabavin. She’ll ask for 100,000 baqua. Give it to her to recruit her, and get 50,000 baqua back.

Cabana – Speak to him in Impershi’arc with Headquarters Level 2. Recruiting him will unlock the Hot Springs at your headquarters.

Stadler – Speak to him in Impershi’arc to initiate a war battle. Win, and you’ll recruit him to your team. This unlocks drills in your headquarters, allowing your non-active characters to train.

Quinn – Speak to her in Impershi’arc when Nowa is at level 37, then complete a side quest in Den of the Dunes.

Scarlet – After completing the events in Impershi’arc, speak to Scarlet to initiate a race. Win, and you can recruit her.

Part 7 – Yarlaan

CJ – CJ is a returning hero from Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. She’ll appear in the south of your headquarters once you’ve recruited both Isha and Garoo, a story-mandated character. Speak to her and complete her quest in the Runebarrows to recruit her.

Chandra – Once you have headquarters level 2 and the training grounds unlocked, speak to the soldiers there and they’ll mention a dragon. Take Code L to Eldroad and defeat Chandra in a battle to recruit her.

Selbineth: Get the headquarters to level 3, unlock the mystery room, and recruit a total of 80 characters, which includes story-mandated heroes. Once that’s done, speak to Selbineth in the mystery room, in the basement of your headquarters. Attempt Hero Trial Mode – whether you win or lose, you can recruit her.

Aleior (Missable) – After upgrading your headquarters to level 3, speak to Marisa in your headquarters, then take her to Altverden Village. Speak to an NPC near the entrance, then take Marisa to the Abandoned Mines to find Aleior.

Durlan – Speak to Durlan in the abandoned miles once your headquarters and mission guild are both level 2.

Syd – Once your headquarters are level 3, find Syd in Hishahn. Bring him 1 piece of Mystic Lumber, 1 piece of Iron Ore, and 1 Dire Beastbone and he’ll join your team.

Dalton – Upgrade your headquarters and mission guild to level 3, then speak to Dalton in Twinhorne East. Note: If you have Sabine in your party you’ll get an extra scene.

Hogan – Find Hogan in Twinhorne West. He’ll ask you to earn 50,000 baqua in profit from the trading mechanic. Only profit earned after the quest is initiated is counted. A simple way to do this is to buy 50,000 baqua worth of goods at a trading post, speak to him, then immediately sell what you bought. Once you’ve successfully earned the required funds, speak to him again.

Rohan – You’ll find Rohan in the inn at Twinhorne West. If your headquarters population is above 5,000, he’ll join your team.

Goldsmid – You’ll find Goldsmid in Yarnaan. Speak to him with a character who has more than 180 base physical attack in the party. If you don’t get him now, he’ll be temporarily unavailable – you can find him again in Twinhorne West.

Part 8: Norristar

Momo – Speak to Momo in Hishahn. Complete her sidequest in the Seaside Cavern to recruit him.

Aoi – Speak to Aoi in Twinhorne East with Iugo in the party. Iugo will need to face her in a one-on-one battle, after which you can recruit her.

Goldsmid – If you haven’t already recruited Goldsmid, you can find him in Twinhorne West now.

Galladur – You can find Galladur in The Proving Grounds, west of the switch that rotates the tunnel.

Clarke – Speak to Clarke in the Seign Estate in Arindale City. He’ll ask for a copy of The Star-Cross’d Lovers Script. This is a rare purchase from the Arindale City Item Shop. The shop’s inventory refreshes every 30 minutes.

Foxiel – Speak to Foxiel in the eastern square of Athrabalt. Return to the restaurant at your headquarters and speak to Kurtz, then return to Foxiel to recruit her.

El Alicanto – After completing the events at Snowpeak Pass, speak to El Alicanto in its northern section. Defeat him in a duel to recruit him.

Part 9: After Norristar

Allaby – Speak to Allaby at the inn of your headquarters to recruit her.

Dijkstra – Brin Quinn to Twinhorn East to find Dijkstra. Complete his quest and he’ll join your team.

Leene (Missable) – To recruit Leene, you’ll need to have recruited all 119 heroes before defeating Galdea at your headquarters. If you fail to do this, you’ll miss the chance to add Leene to your team.

That’s it for how to recruit all heroes in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Check out our review here.

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