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EA FC 24 Pundit Picks Explained – How to Get Them

What does Gary Neville think now?

Every year, EA Sports adds new card types to FIFA and EA FC, and another brand new one has just been revealed. If you’re a little confused, we’ll explain what EA FC 24 Pundit Picks are and how you get them.

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What Are Pundit Picks in EA FC 24?

Pundit Picks players are upgraded player items that are released monthly and are chosen by TV pundits from a specified game.

As EA Sports explain, “The Pundit Pick is not a traditional Player of the Match or Player of the Month award. Instead, pundits can choose their pick to celebrate the player’s achievements from a particular match. Whether they’ve been shining on the pitch, showing out as an unsung hero all season, or they simply deserve the spotlight – they can be a Pundit Pick.”

To what degree they’ll be upgraded, we don’t know yet. The first one will be a player from the Newcastle vs Arsenal game on Nov. 4, so we’ll see once it’s out how much of an upgrade it is given.

Our prediction is either Arsenal’s William Saliba or Newcastle’s Anthony Gordon.

Who Chooses the Pundit Picks Players?

All EA Sports has said so far is that the Pundit Picks players will be decided on by TV pundits from Sky Sports and DAZN. Who exactly they’ll be, we don’t know yet, but it’ll likely be whoever is in the studio or part of the commentary team in the TV coverage.

Expect the likes of Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher to provide their expert and never terrible opinions once more.

How to Get Pundit Picks Players

Once a player has been revealed and decided upon, an SBC will be released in game two to three days after the game has happened. You’ll then be able to complete it to add it to your squad.

Following the first player release, we don’t know which other games will be part of the Pundit Picks promo, but hopefully EA Sports will reveal them ahead of time.

As more information is revealed about Pundit Picks, we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, take a look at our EA FC 24 guides on Twinfinite.

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