Dragon Ball Legends Equipment Medals for Vegeta SSJ God upgrade
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How to Get Equipment Medals in Dragon Ball Legends

Farm up those Equipment Medals quickly

Dragon Ball Legends has a lot of material and medals that you have to collect to max out your characters. One of these medals is the Equipment Medals from Dragon Ball Legends, which can be difficult to collect while also being essential for several upgrades. So today we’ll tell you all you need to know about collecting and using Equipment Medals in Dragon Ball Legends.

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What are Equipment Medals?

Equipment Medals are primarily used for exchanges of Equipment at the Exchange Shop.

Although Equipment Medals are not used in normal Reupgrades, they are a must for Guaranteed Upgrades. To upgrade normal equipment, you need 50 of these medals, and to upgrade platinum equipment, you would need 100 of them. Since equipment medals are quite important in Dragon Ball Legends, let’s discuss different ways you can get them.

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How to Get Equipment Medals in Dragon Ball Legends

Here are all the methods to get Equipment Medals in Dragon Ball Legends.

Treasure Battle

One method to earn equipment medals regularly is to complete Treasure Battles. If you are lucky, you can get some Equipment Medals from the chests you get. These chests may hold 10, 30, or even 100 Equipment Medals. Even if you don’t get them from chests, you are still guaranteed some Equipment Medals. If you win the treasure battle, you get 10 Equipment Medals; if you lose, you get five. The more Treasure Battles you play, the more Equipment Medals you get.


Another way to get some Equipment Medals is by completing Raids. If you are lucky, you may get some equipment medals. This method is a bit quicker when compared to Treasure Battles, but it does not always guarantee Equipment Medals.

Exchange Shop

In Dragon Ball Legends, the Exchange Shop is where you can swap various items. Some shops hold Equipment Medals e.g. at the Legends Festival, but you can only get Equipment Medals from these shops during limited-time events. Although these events are time-limited, Dragon Ball Legends keeps on introducing new events to keep the game fresh. So, you can almost always get Equipment Medals from the Exchange Shop. 

Completing Missions

A lot of missions hold the Equipment Medals and you can check this out through the mission list. You don’t get a lot of Equipment Medals this way, but it’s a good way to earn some as you complete the missions.

That’s all about how to get Equipment Medals in Dragon Ball Legends. You might also want to take a look at our other guides on Dragon Ball Legends. This includes what a Cover Change is and how to fix Dragon Ball Legends error code CR901001.

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