Does Sons of the Forest Have an Ending? Explained
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Does Sons of the Forest Have an Ending? Explained

Multiple ways for the madness to end.

Sons of the Forest sees a task force sent to a remote island to discover the whereabouts of a few missing billionaires. Of course, it’s easier said than done, as the task force is shot down and crash lands on the island before discovering it is infested with monstrous cannibals. Despite launching in early access, the story does have an “end,” with three outcomes playing out depending on your actions. If you’re interested in learning about the endings for Son of the Forest and what they mean, here’s what you need to know.

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Fair warning though: there are Major Spoilers regarding the end of Sons of the Forest ahead.

All Sons of the Forest Endings

As mentioned, there are three different endings for Sons of the Forest, though two of them are more or less the same. In this way, two can be seen as the “good” ending, while one is probably one you would consider a “bad” ending. As you progress, you’ll learn more about a Gold Box and its secret powers, although the overall story, at this time, is a little wonky. Both endings start the same way, with players shifting into an alternate reality and being presented with the opportunity to board a helicopter.

  • Good Ending #1: In this ending, you choose to board the helicopter and leave the island behind. The credits roll and you’re treated to a cinematic view of the ocean as you ditch the horror. Choosing this will unlock the “Fought Demons” achievement.
  • Good Ending #2: The choice to unlock this ending is the same as #1, but if you befriended Virginia and kept both her and Kelvin alive then you’ll all escape together and unlock the achievement “Keep Your Friends Close.”
  • Bad Ending: In this ending, instead of boarding the helicopter, you pick up the bag and stay behind while the NPCs ride away. This will unlock the “Fight Demons” achievement.

Of course, all of the endings are subjective, meaning it’s up to you to decide whether or not it’s a good or bad ending. Staying on the island isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but hanging out with killer locals may have you rethink that.

Here’s What the Ending Could Mean

Obviously, the storytelling in Sons of the Forest is pretty thin as of right now, and that really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. After all, it’s in Early Access and clearly quite a long way off a full launch. But we don’t blame you if you were a little underwhelmed by the narrative offering; The Forest was much more robust by comparison, and what’s in Sons of the Forest right now is lacking in cohesion to the point of being downright confusing at times.

Based on what we’ve experienced so far, though, it is possible to draw some conclusions — even if most of the cutscenes and story elements have little or no context to them when they occur. That’s because even despite this there’s plenty of lore scattered throughout various bunkers underneath the island’s surface that we can piece together.

What we can quite clearly see is that the golden cube we are seen to enter is some kind of strange artifact, which is both capable of transporting people to alternate worlds and also turning them into mutants.

During the ending cutscene, we see ourselves teleported to an alien planet where a futuristic city is located. This is perhaps an alternate dimension, which is something that’s actually alluded to in various books by Tim LeBlanc that can be found across the island.

But why would the cube turn people into mutants? Well, did you notice that the suited man who knocked us out at the beginning of the game attempts to enter the cube but fails? He’s then turned into a mutant. It seems that those who don’t climb into the cube when it is activated are transformed, and this is indeed something that is noted in one of the documents found across the island too.

Now, there’s one final piece to the puzzle — the cutscene in the bunker where the Golden Armor is retrieved in which the one and only voiceline is heard: “Get down, son.” Many have theorized that this is actually Eric and Tim LeBlanc from the first game. We’re possibly crossing paths with them as they continue their quest to hunt and fight demons across alternate dimensions while we begin our very own.

Again, players should expect all of these story elements to be fleshed out with time, as Endnight Games looks to create a more cohesive experience post-launch.

That’s everything you need to know about Sons of the Forest and if there are multiple endings. Check out our related section below for more tips and tricks on how to survive your playthrough.

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