Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: A Hunter fires a Shadowshot Deadfall super in a Lost Sector.
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

Destiny 2 Best Void Hunter Builds

Looking for the best Void Hunter builds in Destiny 2? Here, we're going step-by-step to help you level up your Guardian.

Looking for the Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds? The most popular class in Bungie’s space-faring FPS have plenty of fantastic builds to choose from, but the Void subclass has long remained a top choice for good reasons. With plenty of ways to take advantage of Invisibility, great DPS support supers, and an emphasis on enhancing the already impressive natural mobility Hunters thrive on, it can be difficult to decide where to take a good Void build.

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So here, we’re going to break down our top picks for the Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds, covering our favourite PvE and PvP setups that’ll allow you to get the most out of this class and subclass. As you’re preparing for the drop of The Final Shape though, don’t forget to check out what Into The Light, the new content drop, is bringing to the table. From new Destiny 1 inspired armour sets to a horde mode full of tower defence systems you can buy for scrap in Onslaught, there’s plenty to get stuck into.

Best Destiny 2 PvE Void Hunter Build for Strikes, Raids, & More

Here’s a breakdown of how to set up the best Void Hunter PvE build in Destiny 2. Keep in mind that this is based on our suggestions and experience, and not an absolute rule you need to follow. If this guide inspires you to try out your own iteration or do something different, then the most important thing is that you find enjoyment in doing so.

Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: An invisible Hunter moves through a Lost Sector.
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

PvE Build Setup Guide

First, let’s cover the actual features of the build, and our reasoning behind each choice. For clarity’s sake, we’ve broken down seasonal and armor mods in the next section to keep things easy to read.

  • Subclass: Void Nightstalker
  • Aspects: Vanishing Step and Stylish Executioner – Both create solid routes to gaining Invisibility, an important status effect for improving this build’s survivability.
  • Fragments: Echo of The Harvest, Echo of Starvation, Echo of Provision, Echo of Instability – These Fragments aim to boost certain ability regenerations and survivability for the combat loop this build relies on.
  • Melee: Snare Bomb – This melee can inflict Weaken on targets, which is crucial to the build.
  • Jump: High Jump – A versatile jump useful for dealing with varied terrain you might encounter in PvE activities.
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge – The Gambler’s Dodge can recharge melee abilities to full on use – making it vital for maintaining the combat cycle.
  • Grenade: Vortex Grenade – As a wide area of effect grenade, this is the best candidate for the kind of damage we want to be dealing.
  • Super: Shadowshot: Deadfall – Deadfall benefits immensely from our exotic of choice.
  • Exotic gear: Orpheus Rig – Orpheus Rig, when set up correctly, can greatly enhance the user’s super ability recharge rate.
  • Priority Stats: While Resilience is important as always for a PvE build, we’d also recommend investing in Discipline to further improve grenade ability regen times.
  • Weapons: It’s highly recommended you run at least one Void weapon for this build as your primary. An auto rifle like Age Old Bond, scout rifle like Doom of Chelchis, or pulse rifle like Elsie’s Rifle are all good choices.
Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: PvE Void setup
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

What Seasonal & Armor Mods Should You Run?

As Season Of The Wish has no mods on its Queensfoil Censer that impact Void subclasses, there aren’t any particular mods we’d recommend running for this build.

For armor mods however, we’ve got some great suggestions.

Armor pieceRecommended Armor ModsOur reasoning for our choices
Headx2 or x3 Ashes to Assets modsStacked, these mods will significantly increase your super ability regen from grenade kills.
ArmsBolstering Detonation and Grenade KickstartThe former will regenerate some class ability energy on grenade kills. The latter will immediately replenish some grenade ability energy for Armor Charge. Both are useful steps for smoothly maintaining the combat cycle.
ChestCharged Up and Resist ModsCharged up will boost your Armor Charge capacity, a useful addition to any build. Run whichever resist mods you feel are most appropriate for the places you’ll be taking this build.
Legsx2 Innervation and AbsolutionInnervation will grant bonus grenade energy when collecting Orbs of Power, and two provide a significantly higher bonus. Absolution will replenish a bit of energy to all your abilities when picking up an orb. These regen boosts will help maintain the combat cycle.
Class Item (cloak)Reaper and Powerful AttractionReaper will generate an Orb of Power on a kill after using your class ability, and Powerful Attraction will allow you to pick up Orbs more easily from distance. Combined, these will improve your super regeneration rate.
Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: PvE Hunter build chest mods.
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

How Does the Build Work?

Now that you’ve got the schematics for this Void build, it’s time to explain how it actually functions. Put simply, this Void Hunter build is based around regenerating your super as quickly as possible. To this end, it relies on you executing a consistent series of moves that we’re going to call the combat cycle.
The first step is to cast your super, Deadfall, against a large group of enemies. The more the merrier. Next, you’ll want to throw in your vortex grenade. Given the tethered enemies are vulnerable, this will wipe them out even on higher difficulty activities as long as they’re not mini-bosses. This action sets a number of things into motion.

First, it triggers the Uncanny Arrows exotic perk on Orpheus Rigs, which immediately replenishes super and ability energy based on the number of enemies defeated. In moderate ad density scenarios, this will usually be one quarter to one third of your super bar back immediately.

Next, the grenade kills trigger all of our Fragments. Tethered targets suffer the Weakened debuff, so the Fragment of Harvest will create an Orb of Power and a Void Breach. Since you’ve damaged and then defeated enemies with a grenade, Echo of Provision will restore some melee ability charge and Echo of Instability will grant your Void weapons Volatile Rounds, making it far easier to clear ads. This is especially beneficial because once you pick up the Orb or the Breach, Echo of Starvation will give you the Devour buff, which regenerates a portion of your health on kills and greatly improves your survivability.

After popping your super and getting the grenade kill, you’ll need to make do with your melee and class ability for the next part of the combat cycle. Your aim here is to use both to further assist in recharging your super. Remember that using your Dodge will ensure your next kill generates an Orb, and using your melee to Weaken enemies before defeating them will trigger Echo of Starvation for more Orbs and Breaches. In the worst case scenario, you can always rely on your dodge or kills on Weakened or Volatile enemies thanks to Stylish Executioner to turn Invisible. This gives you another option for breaking out of combat and recuperating as needed.

Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: Grenade multikill
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

How Effective Is This Build?

Like all builds relying on a combat cycle, this one is imperfect, but it’s also rewarding to play and fairly easy to use. In medium ad density, you’ll find you can regenerate your super in as little as two minutes, and in higher ad density activities like Onslaught, it’ll work even faster. It also plays to the natural survivability of the Hunter class, and encourages momentum.

Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: Enemies caught in a Smoke Grenade trap
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

Best PvP Void Hunter Build for Crucible, Trials, & Iron Banner Matches

Here’s the setup and gameplay features you’ll need to put together and master the Destiny 2 best Void Hunter build for PvP. Again, this is to a degree subjective, so feel free to make changes or alterations to suit your own playstyle if you feel that’d be beneficial.

Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: A player fights a 2v1 in the Crucible with a Void autorifle.
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

PvP Build Set Up

Below are the features you’ll want to keep in mind when you set up this build. Again, we’ve broken down seasonal and armor mods in the following section.

  • Subclass: Void Nightstalker
  • Aspects: Vanishing Step and Trappers Ambush – The former grants a quick and easy move for turning Invisible, the latter expands the utility and team efficacy of your Snare Trap and smokescreens.
  • Fragments: Echo of Persistence, Echo of Leeching, Echo of Expulsion, Echo of Domineering – The first improves your Invisibility, the second your survivability, the third an advantage in close-quarters fights against multiple opponents, and the fourth a useful bonus to mobility and weapon reload after using your super.
  • Melee: Snare Trap – Smokescreens will be an important element of this build.
  • Jump: Strafe Jump – A jump with superior directional control, offering better mobility in airborne combat.
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge – The more often you have your melee charged in this build, the better.
  • Grenade: Tripmine Grenade – Great for area denial, ambush tactics, and controlling the flow and direction of a fight, these grenades are ideal for PvP.
  • Super: Shadowshot: Mobeus Quiver – A wider AoE than Deadfall with more potential to catch enemies. While Spectral Blades is great for kills, Mobeus Suppresses and slows targets, leaving them at a severe disadvantage in a firefight. It’s the perfect hard counter to organised teams or Guardians using their own supers.
  • Exotic Gear: Gemini Jester or Graviton Forfeit – The choice of exotic is yours here, and depends in part on your playstyle. If you prefer fighting from long or mid-range and only fight in close quarters with ambush tactics, Graviton Forfeit will be more useful. If you prefer fighting in close quarters as often as possible, go with Gemini Jester.
  • Priority Stats: Resilience and Recovery are both pretty important PvP stats for all builds to consider. If you’ve got the bandwidth, we’d also recommend investing in Strength and Mobility as tertiary stats.
  • Weapons: There aren’t any particular weapons you need to run for this build, though we’d recommend a Void weapon of some description if possible. Ultimately, it’s most important that you run whatever weapons you’re most comfortable with for PvP.
Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: Void Hunter PvP setup
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

Which Seasonal & Armor Mods Should You Equip?

As we said for the PvE build, there aren’t any Void-relevant seasonal mods for Season of The Wish, so feel free to choose whatever artifact mods you feel will make your life easier. For armor mods, there’s also a fair amount of freedom, but here are our suggestions for some key ones to try out.

Armor PieceRecommended Armor ModsOur reasoning for our choices
HeadPowered Preservation, Targeting Mods, Siphon ModsPowered Preservation will create more Orbs of power for allies when you use your super, helping them charge theirs faster. Run whatever Targeting and Siphon mods match up to your weapon loadout for more accurate aiming and Orbs of Power on kills.
ArmsMelee Kickstart, Loader or Dexterity ModsMelee Kickstart will ensure you get some melee energy back from Armor Charge when you initially use the ability. Loader and Dexterity mods can improve your reload speed and ready speed respectively, making them valuable assets in the Crucible.
ChestUnflinching Aim mods, Resist ModsUnflinching Aim mods can reduce flinch when you’re hit by incoming fire, allowing for better precision and accuracy in a firefight. We’d also recommend running Sniper or Melee Resist mods to improve your chances of survival during long and close range encounters.
Legsx2 Invigoration and InsulationThe former will replenish melee energy on picking up an Orb of Power, and the latter will replenish some class ability energy. Both are important to keep topped up.
Class Item (cloaks)ReaperReaper will provide an Orb of Power on the first kill after dodging, and will come in use often in this build.
Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: Invisible Hunter sneaks up on a blinded Guardian
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

How Does This PvP Build Work?

Our Destiny 2 best Void Hunter build for PvP is centred around the idea of obfuscation – keeping yourself difficult to find and keeping the enemy disoriented. To that end, we’ve set this build up to enhance your Invisibility and expand the usefulness of your smoke grenades. To counter the unpredictable nature of PvP, we’ve also set this build up to be more versatile, so it’s less reliant on executing a strict combat cycle.

First, your Invisibility is easy to trigger. Dodging will turn you Invisible, and the effect will last significantly longer thanks to Echo of Persistence, and even longer again if you’re wearing Graviton Forfeit. In most cases, Invisibility will allow you to pass unnoticed at a glance, though astute players will quickly see through it.

The aim here is to give yourself a window to get in close and deploy a Snare Trap near a target. If you’ve got Gemini Jesters, you can also use your dodge to disorient an opponent when in a pinch. Either way, the effect should be a Weakened enemy with impaired vision, which translates to a fairly easy kill. As an extra bonus, your nearby allies will gain invisibility if they’re close to the smoke trap, offering another great advantage to organised team players.

You’ve then got a few different possible benefits based on how you execute this kill. Echo of Leeching will start health regeneration if you decide to go for a melee kill. If you take advantage of their confusion to get a Void grenade kill, then Echo of Expulsion will cause the target to explode too, giving you a decisive advantage against groups of players in close proximity.

Although this is a fantastic ambush build, it’s got a lot more versatility than that. Smoke bombs can force enemy players to reconsider an aggressive move, effectively denying an area for a few moments. Mobeus Quiver is a perfect counter-super that can shut down threats to your side in seconds. And Invisibility, though inarguably great for gaining the upper hand in a duel, also provides an opportunity to fall back and regroup, offering you a second chance in situations that might otherwise turn against you.

Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds you need for The Final Shape: A Hunter uses a Mobius Quiver super in pvp.
Image by Bungie via Twinfinite

Is It Worth Playing a Void Hunter in Destiny 2?

Hopefully this guide has helped to illustrate the point, but yes, Void Hunters are a fantastic choice of playstyle in Destiny 2. The Void Hunter subclass benefits from a varied range of abilities. You can put together a build designed to debuff and disorient enemies and set your team up for damage just as easily as you can put together a build designed for ambush tactics and mobility.

Void allows Hunters to take full advantage of their natural survivability and embrace DPS support roles and efficient crowd control. While this survivability might be tested to its limits in endgame content like master raids and Trials of Osiris, you’ll find the subclass capable of compensating for almost any challenge.

That wraps up everything you need to know about the Destiny 2 best Void Hunter builds for PvE and PvP. With any luck, you’re now more prepared than ever for the challenges that await in The Final Shape expansion in June. If you’re still preparing though, why not check out what we learnt from the Final Shape showcase, or have a look at our suggestions for the top ten things to do before Final Shape releases? With the announcement of the Final Shape raid release date, it’ll pay dividends to be ready for anything.

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