Destiny 2 Best Exotic Class Item Rolls to Hunt For In Final Shape: A Warlock uses their Stasis super in a lost sector.
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Destiny 2 Best Exotic Class Item Rolls to Hunt For In Final Shape

Which exotic class items will you use?

Want the best Destiny 2 exotic class item rolls? Three new exotic class items are coming to Bungie’s space-faring FPS with the release of The Final Shape. Each one will allow you to combine different perks from other exotic gear for powerful new combinations. But if you want the best, you’ll have to get lucky with the rolls when you pick one up. Here, we’ll go through our picks for the best Destiny 2 exotic class item rolls for each of the three exotic class items.

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How Do Destiny 2 Exotic Class Items Work?

First, let’s clarify exactly how the new exotic class items work. Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans each get their own exotic class item. Instead of having a unique perk like most exotic gear though, these exotic class items take two perks from other exotics and combine them. This carries across different classes, too. That means each class can access a pool including exotic perks from armor they couldn’t normally equip.

There are two trade-offs to this perk-combination ability, though. Firstly, the two combined perks will each be weaker versions of the perks found on their original exotics. They carry the spirit of the originals but not their full potential. For example, Spirit of Vesper (Vesper of Radius) will allow your warlock Rifts to release Arc shockwaves. It won’t, however, provide the usual bonus to class ability regeneration from being surrounded by enemies. Spirit of Synthoceps will improve your melee damage when you’re surrounded, but it won’t also improve your super damage or provide a weapon handling bonus.

The second trade-off for the exotic class items is that you won’t be able to pick and choose perks. Just like a god-roll weapon, you’re going to have to hunt for the best Destiny 2 exotic class item rolls. Hence the point of this guide.

Let’s get into the best rolls for each exotic class item that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Destiny 2 Best Exotic Class Item Rolls to Hunt For In Final Shape: Abeyant Leap and Khepri's Horn side by side.
Image by Bungie Studios via Twinfinite

Best Exotic Titan Mark Rolls

Here are the best rolls for the Destiny 2 exotic class item for Titans, called Stoicism. We’ve included a mix of PvE and PvP desirable rolls, and we’ll quickly explain our choices for each.

  • Spirit of Severance and Spirit of Contact – Spirit of Severance causes an explosion when landing finishers or powered melee final blows. Contact unleashes lighting bolts that Jolt nearby targets when dealing powered melee damage. Combined, these two Spirits supercharge your melee’s AoE potential and damage output, allowing for incredibly quick ad clearing.
  • Spirit of The Abeyant and Spirit of The Horn – Spirit of The Abeyant improves the Strand projectiles unleashed by Drengr’s Lash, making them more aggressive and giving them better range. Spirit of The Horn, meanwhile, unleashes a Solar blast when deploying your Barricade. Together, this means your Barricades will unleash a wave of Solar and Strand damage on deployment, quickly countering any threats in front of you. It’ll make for a fantastic area denial or counter-play tool in PvP.
  • Spirit of The Eternal Warrior and Spirit of Scars – These two enhance your weapon potential as long as the damage type matches your super. If that’s the case, the former Spirit will grant bonus weapon damage after using your super, and the latter will grant Restoration to nearby allies on weapon final blows. This makes it great for a team support setup, whether you’re playing Trials or taking on a GM Nightfall.
Destiny 2 Best Exotic Class Item Rolls to Hunt For In Final Shape: Star Eaters and Shards of Galianor side by side.
Image by Bungie Studios via Twinfinite

Best Exotic Hunter Cloak Rolls

Here’s the best rolls for the Destiny 2 exotic class item for Hunters, called Essentialism.

  • Spirit of The Assassin and Spirit of Synthoceps – The former Spirit grants Invisibility on powered melee final blows, while the latter increases melee damage when surrounded by enemies. In combination, the two perks make it far easier to reliably maintain a Void Hunter Invisibility build.
  • Spirit of Caliban and Spirit of The Liar – The Spirit of Caliban allows powered melee blows to trigger an Ignition, dealing massive damage to a target. The Spirit of The Liar grants a follow-up melee counterpunch after landing a final blow with a powered melee attack. Together, these can enhance your melee capabilities, allowing for more effective ad clear and quicker dispatch of tougher enemies like Champions. It also gives you a pretty great advantage at close quarters in PvP.
  • Spirit of Galanor and Spirit of The Star Eater – While the former will return super energy for hits and final blows made with your super, the latter will overcharge your super damage when picking up orbs of power. Combined, this means a faster super recharge and more powerful super. It could be a fun combination to play around with in super-oriented builds like the best Void Hunter builds.
Destiny 2 Best Exotic Class Item Rolls to Hunt For In Final Shape: Stag and Vespers side by side.
Image by Bungie Studios via Twinfinite

Best Exotic Warlock Bond Rolls

Here are our top picks for the best rolls for the Destiny 2 exotic class item for Warlocks, called Solipsism.

  • Spirit of The Filaments and Spirit of Verity – Spirit of The Filaments grants Devour when casting your rift. Spirit of Verity grants stacking grenade damage for weapon final blows of a matching energy type. Given how easy it is to build a grenade-focused Void Warlock build, these two in combination offer an additional source for Devour to make up for gaps in such a build’s combat cycle, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the grenades themselves.
  • Spirit of The Necrotic and Spirit of The Claw – The former grants you the Necrotic Grips’ ability to inflict a deadly poison on enemies that spreads to other nearby enemies when defeated. The latter grants an extra melee charge. Applied with a potent ranged melee like Arcane Needle, this gives you a highly potent ranged melee perfect for rapid ad clearing.
  • Spirit of The Stag and Spirit of Vesper – Spirit of The Stag offers damage reduction for those standing within an Empowering Rift. Spirit of Vesper causes rifts to periodically release damaging Arc shockwaves. Together, the two can enhance your rifts, allowing you to deal more damage, take less damage, and push back any close-range counters. This makes it ideal for holding ground in PvP.

That covers our picks for the best Destiny 2 exotic class item rolls for each class, and what makes them so good. There’s a lot more coming with The Final Shape worth getting excited for, though. If previous expansions are any indication, expect crowded servers and a long wait time on launch day. Should that be the case, make sure you know how to fix CAT errors and how to fix WEASEL errors. If you’re not quite done with Into The Light though, be sure to check out how to get year 1-inspired armor before you lose the opportunity.

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