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Dave the Diver Crustaceans Guide: Where to Find Crab & Lobster

Rock lobster!

Bancho Sushi’s menu has expanded with the previous October update, thanks to the addition of crustaceans. So, if you aren’t sure how to get started on your diving journey, we’re here to help with our Dave the Diver lobster and crab guide.

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How to Make a Crab Trap in Dave the Diver

Setting a crab trap in Dave the Diver
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If you want to trigger the appearance of crustaceans, you must first craft Dave the Diver’s Crab Trap, a tool that can capture both crabs and lobsters. You can speak to the blacksmith, Duwa, at the Sea People village to begin the ‘A Nutritious Food for Sea People?’ quest.

Players must then talk to Otto at the farm and collect the following items for the Crab Trap recipe:

  • 3 Wood
  • 2 Scrap Iron
  • 2 Rope
  • Tiger Shark Tooth

Fortunately, most of these resources are fairly easy to find, as they are scattered throughout the sea. The only item you may have difficulty obtaining is the Tiger Shark Tooth, which can be harvested from the shark of the same name. This critter will be at the 50-130m level day or night, and you may need to eliminate a few of them to spawn its tooth.

How to Catch Crab & Lobster in Dave the Diver

Now that you know how to make Dave the Diver’s Crab Trap, it’s time to capture the new crustaceans. The first one you’ll need to obtain is the Horsehair Crab, which will be at the Glacial Area (a part of Duwa’s mission).

Once players dive down into the area, they must look out for rock crevices with bubbles. I found one when I swam toward the area’s right side, marked with a blue waypoint. You’ll discover more of them in the Glacial Area and the Giant Blue Hole after you complete the mission.

Finding a Crab in Dave the Diver
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When close to the rock crevice, you can place down the Crab Trap and put in some bait (use any fish you’ve caught). Players can also utilize bait with a higher star level to get more rare types. You’ll need to wait about a minute or so until the Crab Trap has a green checkmark icon or starts to shake when you are nearby.

Next, you can speak to Mima to give her the Horsehair Crab, allowing you to deliver the meal to Duwa afterward. Once you’ve completed the ‘A Nutritious Food for Sea People?’ quest, you should be able to catch crabs and lobsters in Dave the Diver. Players will also unlock the Crab Trap section of the Marinca app.

I recommend upgrading the Crab Trap via the iDiver app if you want to grab more resources in a single run, given that you can only place down one with the initial setup.

All Crab Trap Creatures & Where to Find Them in Dave the Diver

The Crab Trap Marinca app exhibits 14 new species in Dave the Diver, showcasing the following new types:

Crab Trap CreaturesLocationsTimes
Horsehair Crab (complete A Nutritious Food for Sea People? quest)Glacial AreaDay
Snow CrabGlacial AreaDay
Dollocaris IngensGlacial AreaDay
Tokummia KatalepsisGlacial AreaDay
Red-banded LobsterGiant Blue Hole 0-50mNight
Blue LobsterGiant Blue Hole 0-50mNight
California Spiny LobsterGiant Blue Hole 50-130mDay
Tropical Rock LobsterGiant Blue Hole 50-130mDay
Norway LobsterGiant Blue Hole 130-250mDay
Eastern Rock LobsterGiant Blue Hole 130-250mDay
American LobsterGiant Blue Hole 0-50mDay
European LobsterGiant Blue Hole 0-50mDay
Crystal Lobster Giant Blue Hole 50m-130mNight
Fan Lobster Giant Blue Hole 50m-130mNight

The Crab Trap’s max level only allows you to place three traps, so you must make a few runs to collect the entire collection. It’s best to use three-star baits to acquire rare types and other critters roaming about. You’ll typically receive more than one lobster/crab, with a relative maximum of three.

If you haven’t found any rock crevices, you may need to return to the boat and start a new dive to refresh their spawn locations.

Dave the Diver’s Crab Traps have also been revamped with the DLC patch, allowing you to place more of them in various locations.

How to Start Lobster Party Event in Dave the Diver

The Dave the Diver Lobster Party event can trigger after you’ve obtained the Crab Trap recipe. You’ll receive a notification on Dave’s phone indicating that the restaurant will be participating in a festival.

Lobster Party Notification in Dave the Diver
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As you may expect, you’ll need to stock up the menu with lobster dishes, which will be marked with a pink bow icon. The Lobster Party will run like any regular event you’ve probably participated in beforehand, earning you a hefty amount of cash and Cooksta rewards.

That covers everything you need to know about how to find and capture Dave the Diver’s lobsters and crabs. While here, be sure to explore the relevant links below to view more content, including how to beat Giant Gadon.

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