Two characters climbing in Chained Together.
Image Source: Anegar Games

Is Chained Together Coming to PS5 & Xbox?

Can you climb on consoles?

Chained Together is the latest ‘rage game’ to take Steam by storm, tasking you and co-op players with climbing up huge vertical obstacle courses. It’s similar in concept to Only Up, which went viral with streamers back in 2023. With that in mind, is Chained Together coming to PS5 and Xbox? Let’s take a look.

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Is Chained Together Releasing on PS5 & Xbox?

As it stands, Chained Together is not slated for a console release on PS5 and Xbox. Upon its release on June 19, 2024, it’s only available on PC via Steam.

Of course, this isn’t too much of a surprise. Most viral PC games like this, Only Up, and Getting Over It begin their life on Steam and garner traction from streamers and content creators. They only tend to cross over to consoles if the initial PC release is popular enough to warrant the extra development and publishing costs.

Over on the official Chained Together Discord server, there’s an FAQ channel with an official answer to the question:

As of now, we are focusing on the Steam version. Other platforms are under consideration for future releases.”

Therefore, there’s nothing concrete to suggest Chained Together will ever come to the current slate of consoles. All we can do is wait and see – but given the game’s surge in popularity, never say never.

Three characters falling in Chained Together.
Image Source: Anegar Games

Will Chained Together Release on PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch?

Equally, there’s nothing to suggest the game will come to previous-generation consoles, either. It’s likely that developer Anegar Games would prioritize current-gen consoles as the first release if the game does come out of PC exclusivity. Then, these older consoles would come after the fact – similar to the staggered console release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Of course, this is just our speculation based on how Chained Together’s console release could work. Similarly viral games like Only Up never made the leap to consoles, so there’s nothing to guarantee it for this example.

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