Can You Skip Cutscenes in God of War Ragnarok? Answered

Just gotta sit back and enjoy it!

God of War Ragnarok has plenty of cutscenes and dialogue that explains what’s going on in the story, where Kratos and Atreus will be heading to next, and essentially fleshes out the magical world of the Nine Realms. If you’re playing for a second, third, or maybe even fourth time, though, you might just want to get right back into the gameplay. In this guide, we’ll explain whether or not it’s possible to skip cutscenes as and when they show up, so you can get back to the action ASAP.

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Are Cinematics Skippable in God of War Ragnarok?

The short answer is no, you cannot skip any of the cutscenes and dialogue in God of War Ragnarok. This is likely an intentional decision by Sony Santa Monica Studios, given the game is so driven by its narrative. As such, to ensure players are really getting the most out of their experience and don’t miss an important story beat, you’re unable to skip any cutscenes or dialogue whatsoever.

The good news is that Santa Monica Studios has clearly spent a lot of time really polishing up Rangarok’s visuals, so the cutscenes are a visual treat for your eyeballs. We’d recommend just kicking back and enjoying them, as the cutscenes are interesting and the dialogue so well-written that you’re honestly missing out by skipping them anyway.

Should this be changed as part of a post-launch update, we’ll update this post and let you know. However, for now, you’ll just have to kick back, soak up all that narrative goodness, and enjoy the spectacular visuals while you’re at it.

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