Best Wand Cores in Hogwarts Legacy

Which Wand Core is Best for You?

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Hogwarts Legacy is now available on current-gen consoles, and it allows players to fully customize their appearance, choose the house they get sorted into, and even discover which wand best suits the witch or wizard they want to be, the latter of which has some truly detailed and unique options. One feature that players get to decide about regarding their wand is which wand core they want to use for the game’s duration. So, which wand core is the best in Hogwarts Legacy?

What Is the Best Wand Core in Hogwarts Legacy

For those hoping that wand cores will change their experience in a meaningful way, we’ve got bad news for you as the wands are almost exclusively cosmetic, with only a tiny amount of dialogue changed during the story to reflect the choice in wand core. However, this shouldn’t stop players from feeling motivated to choose whichever wand best represents the magic user they most want to be in Hogwarts Legacy.

The three different wand cores and their descriptions are as follows:

  • Dragon Heartstring: Dragon heartstring that serves as the core of a wand; known for producing powerful magic.
  • Unicorn Hair: The hair of a unicorn that serves as the core of a wand; known for producing consistent magic.
  • Phoenix Feather: The feather of a phoenix that serves as the core of a wand; capable of producing a great range of magic.

Given the descriptions for the wand cores, it is totally understandable for people to think that they have gameplay ramifications, but alas, they do not.

For those who are having a hard time deciding which wand core they believe will best suit the student they wish to create, the official Wizarding World website has a quiz that will determine what wand is best for you. Hogwarts Legacy even has a feature where players can link their WB Games account with their Wizarding World account, allowing you to transfer the wand the website gives you into the game.

That is everything you need to know when it comes to which wand core is best in Hogwarts Legacy. For more coverage on the game, including if it is canon, be sure to check out the rest of Twinfinite’s related articles down below.

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