Top 11 Best Roblox FPS Games You Should Play

You can shoot 'em up in Roblox, too!

Best Roblox FPS Games

When you think Roblox, the first-person shooter genre is typically not the first type of game to pop into your head. This is largely due to the slightly finicky touchscreen controls of tablets and devices, combined with the younger demographic that the game platform is aimed at. Thankfully, however, you may be surprised to hear that there’s a growing swathe of super fun FPS offerings on there. If you’re here, though, you’re likely wondering what the 11 best Roblox FPS games are. Well, we’re here to help. So, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?


Best FPS games on Roblox, Arsenal
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Nope, not the English football club, silly! Rather, Arsenal refers to the selection of weapons on offer in ROLVe Community’s fast-paced, twitch shooter. From pistols to bazookas to spell books, Arsenal has got it all.

Battle it out in 8v8, 6v6v6, or free-for-all matches across 54 maps (yep, you read that right). Not only is Arsenal one of the most popular FPSs on Roblox (it boasts an impressive 4.9B visits since its 2015 debut), but it’s also a ton of fun and runs really smoothly to boot.


Frontlines, Roblox FPS
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Having made waves earlier in the year for being so darn realistic, this military FPS quickly became hot property. With four maps, four game modes, ten different guns and 11 distinct perks, this could well be the most immersive and visually impressive shooter on the entire Roblox platform.

Surprisingly, the gunplay is incredibly responsive and the maps are well designed as well. Heck, you even get killcams when you’ve been eliminated. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to scratch that ol’ Call of Duty itch.

BIG Paintball!

Best Roblox FPS Games, Big Paintball
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Who’d have thought that one of the biggest FPS games in Roblox doesn’t even involve real guns, eh? Well, that’s the case with BIG Paintball!, which is another relatively new game on the platform.

With over 1.6B visits, which is especially impressive considering the game was only released in mid-2019, as well as the 2019 Award Winner under its belt, BIG Paintball! is a more accessible, pick-up-and-play experience compared to some of the other entries on this list. Nevertheless, it’s still an absolute blast, especially with a few friends in tow.

Bad Business

Best Roblox FPS Games, Bad Business
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Having only been released in 2019, in the grand scheme of things, Bad Business is a bit of a newcomer to the shoot-’em-up genre. Over time, however, the slick and kinetic FPS experience has fast become one of Roblox’s go-to games to get your shooter fix, and it’s easy to see why.

Combining buttery-smooth gameplay with responsive and addictive gunplay, Bad Business boasts an expansive list of around 105 unique weapons, as well as 21 public maps, which can accommodate up to 30 players at a time as they duke it out for dominance across seven different game modes.


Best Roblox FPS Games, Counter-Blox
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With over 1B visits, Counter-Blox is basically the Roblox version of Valve’s popular Counter-Strike multiplayer shooter series. Much like Call of Duty‘s popular Search and Destroy mode, two teams of five must go toe-to-toe with each other — the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists are tasked with planting and detonating a bomb, while the Counter-Terrorists must do everything in their power to put them six feet under.

If you’re after a more tactical, team-based shoot-’em-up experience, this is undoubtedly the Roblox FPS for you.

Military Combat Tycoon

Best Roblox FPS Games, Military Combat Tycoon
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For a nice change of pace, you can’t go wrong with Military Combat Tycoon. Yes, Entelechy Entertainment’s war experience is equal parts build-’em-up and shoot-’em-up, so you’ll be scratching that good ol’ creative itch… while gunning down all those nasty imposters.

Construct and manage a military base, unlock a multitude of weapons, vehicles and armor, all while trying to crush the pesky competition. Though Military Combat Tycoon is one of the newest games on this list, it still continues to grow in popularity thanks to its fun moment-to-moment gameplay as well as its consistent support and game-changing updates from its developer.

Zombie Uprising

Best Roblox FPS Games, Zombie Uprising
Image Source: Roblox (via Pro Game Guides)

A list of shooty shooty bang bang titles wouldn’t be complete without a zombie game, right? Yes, Zombie Uprising is the Roblox version of Call of Duty‘s much-loved Zombies offshoot mode replete with purchasable guns, a Pack-a-Punch machine, 17 different perks, and, of course, enough hordes of shuffling undead to shake a pointy, blood-drenched stick at.

Instead of the paltry amount of maps that Activision’s blockbuster shooters offer though, Zombie Uprising boasts an impressive 15 unique maps to get your zombie-shooting fix on. What are you waiting for?

Island Royale

Best Roblox FPS games, RBB! Island Royale
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Ever heard of a little game called Fortnite? Well, Island Royale is essentially the Roblox version of Epic Games’ uber popular battle royale title. Sure, while you can play the game from a third-person perspective, you can opt to go for first-person as well, which is why it made the cut on our list.

Drop in to a war-torn island bustling with up to 100 players and build, slide and parkour your way to that much-desired chicken dinner. With almost 500M visits, Island Royale is proving to be pretty popular, especially for those looking for a fully fledged battle royale experience on Roblox.

Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day

Image Source: Roblox

We’ve already had Roblox versions of Fortnite and Counter-Strike, so it only makes sense to have an homage to Activision’s best-selling military shooter series on here, too. Yes, Call of Roblox: Modern D-Day is sure to give any lawyers out there a pregnant pause, but the truth is, it’s a surprisingly enjoyable romp if you’re looking for an entertaining FPS experience.

Taking place in an eerie alternate history where communist forces have successfully conquered the world, players must enlist to fight in World War 3 in a bid to protect their country from a growing global threat. Honestly, it all sounds a bit too much like real-life to me, but I digress!


Image Source: Roblox

If you’re on the lookout for a more science fiction-flavored shoot-’em-up experience, Impulse has got you covered. With its jetpacks, assortment of plasma weaponry and teleporting, Impulse is a futuristic shooter that blends Halo and Splitgate together into a fast-paced, blocky Roblox FPS.

While some of the maps are pretty large and the community is a little smaller than the other entries on this list — meaning you’ll occasionally spend a lot of time running around looking for enemies — Impulse really comes into its own when you bring a bunch of friends along for the ride to create intense and frenetic sci-fi battles.

Phantom Forces

Image Source: Roblox

Rounding out the list is another fast-paced, kinetic shooter that feels a lot like CoD. Indeed, Phantom Forces by StyLis Studios is a military FPS that boasts 7 different game modes, including mainstays like Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag, as well as a unique zombie-themed Infection mode.

With over 1.5B visits and around 10K concurrent players, Phantom Forces continues to be a dominant shooter on the popular game platform. It may not be the most visually impressive game out there, but it runs really smoothly and the gunplay feels tight. What more could you ask for?

That’s all we have for the best FPS games on Roblox. Be sure to check out some of our related Roblox content down below!

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