What Is the Best Fitness Range in Once Human?

A weighty decision awaits

Like many games, Once Human has a character creation system. However, what makes the character creation here stand out from others is the idea of fitness. Here’s our pick for Once Human’s Best Fitness Range.

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Once Human Fitness Ranges

On the last stage of character creation, you’ll have the option to choose your character’s weight. Unlike other games, where this is purely a cosmetic difference, changing your base weight will change your stats. Weight can be adjusted using the Fitness Slider on the right hand side of the screen.

Once Human Fitness Range Underweight Character
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If your weight is below 65 kg, you’ll be classified as underweight.

  • Your base load is 80 kg
  • Your melee attacks are 15% faster, while damage is decreased by 10%
  • You gain +25 stamina

A weight between 65 and 85 kg puts you in the moderate weight range.

  • Your base load is 90 kg
  • You gain a 10% increase in torso defense
  • You recover stamina 20% faster

Anything above 85 kg puts you in the overweight category.

  • Your base load is 100 kg
  • Your melee attacks are 10% stronger but 15% slower
  • You roll 20% faster
  • You gain 15+ weapon stability

Load here refers to carrying capacity. Your items don’t have a weight, but it gives you more slots in your inventory, which you can increase by equipping a backpack.

As you can see, there are benefits to each of the three fitness ranges. In a sense, you can consider the underweight fitness range as the Rogue class, the overweight range as a Fighter, and the regular weight range as a Tank. There’s an element of personal preference, but for our money, the Underweight fitness range is arguably the best due to the increased stamina and melee speed.

Early in the game, you’ll find yourself being able to consistently take down enemies in just a few shots of your melee weapons, and you’ll craft a crossbow and at least one gun before even finishing the first mission. If melee does become a priority, you’re better off hitting fast, rather than hard. By the time enemies become stronger, it’s likely you’ll have better weapons and armor to help you deal with them.

The most significant downside of the Underweight class is the lower carrying capacity. This can be remedied by regularly returning to your camp to dismantle any unneeded items, or else selling some of them at vendors.

How to Gain (or Lose) Weight

As in real life, you’re not at one weight throughout the game. If you’re not happy with your current build and want to try the benefits of another weight class, you can gain or lose weight.

You can gain weight by eating fatty foods and carrying a lot of items in your inventory for extended periods of time to build muscle. You can lose weight by doing cardio (such as sprinting or swimming) or, disgustingly, by overeating to the point you throw up.

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