Best Fire Emblem Engage Character Pairings

12 rings to rule them all.

True to its name, the calling card of Fire Emblem Engage is its newfound mechanic that allows your units to combine forces with heroes of yesteryear, boosting their powers and allowing them to wield weapons and skills beyond their scope. With 12 rings available in the base game and more to be unveiled through DLC, there is a jaw-dropping number of possible combinations for you to try out. With that in mind, here are just a few of the best Fire Emblem Engage character pairings.

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Louis and Sigurd

Fire Emblem Engage Louis & Sigurd
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Throughout Fire Emblem history, armored units have been stymied by their lacking mobility. With this in mind, the voyeuristic knight and the heir to Chalphy are an effective combination that you will be able to employ early in your playthrough. Sigurd is all about positioning — increasing a unit’s movement — and when Engaged he can expand this further, allow the paired ally to travel incredible distances.

This allows Louis to place himself on the front line, and can even bypass a chokehold by using Override to pass through the first enemy unit. Additionally, the Canter skill allows Louis to reposition himself following a strike, in case he needs to set up defensively or even retreat to avoid an incoming spellcaster. Generally speaking, Sigurd is a great match for most units with a glaring weakness, such as archers or mages who would prefer not to receive receipts for their attacks.

Chloe and Micaiah

Fire Emblem Engage Chloe & Micaiah
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Healers are at a premium in Fire Emblem Engage, with some of the candidates proving too awkward a fit to rely upon consistently. As such, you can try pairing Chloe and Micaiah to perform a flying doctor-type service, whizzing about the battlefield to lend her aid. Micaiah allows even units without a staff affinity to heal, and Chloe’s unrivalled mobility means she can reach soldiers on death’s door before it’s too late. The daydreaming pegasus knight has a high Magic growth rate, meaning that she’ll be able to wield staves more effectively than other mounted units. Finally, she has the capability to place herself at a safe distance before healing her allies with the HP-draining Great Sacrifice ability.

Hortensia and Celica

Fire Emblem Engage Hortensia
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Applying the same logic, pairing Hortensia with Celica makes for a potent combination. Considering how adept she is at boosting magical output, it is practically a must for Celica to be combined with a tome-wielder, but more specifically, a winged unit that has Warp Ragnarok in its arsenal can reach almost any destination in a literal flash. In this way, playing it patiently is a definite option, only electing to Engage when you foresee potential danger on the horizon.

Should you be looking to exploit Warp Ragnarok’s map command at the cost of offensive output, you could attempt to pair Celica up with an armored unit strictly for positioning purposes, and to allow Echo to make up for their lacking speed. For obvious reasons, it’s not a natural fit by any means; just an option.

Alear and Roy

Fire Emblem Engage Alear & Roy
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Since you’ll pretty much be stuck with Alear for every mission, you’ll want to ensure that they are locked and loaded with a suitable Emblem ring. For the rare players out there who still honor permadeath, the Divine Dragon’s demise is a definite game over, so Alear and Roy makes a great deal of sense. Hold Out is a fantastic ability that will allow you to survive an otherwise lethal blow at higher health, or you could make Alear an all-out death machine by stacking Strength boosts.

Blazing Lion is, if you’ll pardon the pun, something of a double-edged sword, setting surrounding spaces alight in an AoE effect — so effective usage of Advance is required to press the issue and mitigate friendly fire. The addition of the Lancereaver also clears up a frequent thorn in sword users’ side.

Boucheron and Marth

Fire Emblem Engage Boucheron & Marth
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Boucheron is a limited unit stymied with several pressing flaws, but if you are insistent on using him, he make for a surprising tandem with the Hero King himself. Marth’s game is all about swiftly dishing out damage while avoiding as many hits as possible. Boucheron is already a more offensively oriented tank than armored units thanks to his high damage output and healthy HP, so increasing his lastability by forcing unexpected misses from the enemy is a definite plus. By having him nearby, you will also play beneficiary to his follow-up attacks, placing him in less dangerous situations to take advantage of his aid.

Yunaka and Corrin

Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Corrin is a versatile Emblem whose Dragon Vein skill differs depending on who she’s paired up with. The value of this varies based on the class, with Covert units like Yunaka sitting on the higher end of the spectrum. Put simply, Dragon Vein will create a space obscured by fog, increasing her already solid chance of avoiding damage to cover for her lacking defense. Though the offensive benefit of this is obvious, this also allows Yunaka to function as a quick-fix cleric courtesy of Quality Time, which restores 5 HP to adjacent units after a turn.

Obviously, a fragile unit like Yunaka is not suited to simply sidle up to allies in the midst of a scrum, but the fog makes her less of an easy target.

Diamant and Ike

Fire Emblem Engage Diamant
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Want to find a way to make a great unit even better? Give Diamant a spin with Ike, and reap the rewards. At first glance, the heir to the Brodian throne might look like an ephemeral member of the front line, blessed with physical prowess and enough HP to sponge up some hits before being forced to flee. This may be true to a degree, until Ike enters the picture: his Resolve and Wrath skills are both optimized for critical situations, and can allow Diamant to cleave through even more foes while he’s ailing. If you’re considering promotion options, this combo is made even more effective once he has access to the Successeur’s Sol ability. If it procs in a timely fashion, he’ll regain lost vitality. If not, he can continue maximizing his destructive capability.

Alcryst and Lyn

Fire Emblem Engage Alcryst
Image Source: Screenshot by Twinfinite via Nintendo

Considered by some to be the best pairing in the game, Alcryst and Lyn are a match made in heaven. The reason is straightforward: Lyn roundly rewards soldiers with high speed, and Alcryst is among the swiftest units in the game. Speedtaker allows him to snipe foes at his leisure, gaining +2 in speed for every successfully initiated kill (with a maximum buff of +10), which makes Alacrity even more ludicrous. If he has a speed advantage over the unit he advances upon of +9 or greater — entirely feasible once he’s been using Speedtaker — he can follow-up an attack before they can counter.

With this, Alcryst has the potential of obliterating enemies without any retaliation whatsoever. For any he doesn’t outspeed sufficiently, he has changeup options like the Longbow to chip away from afar.

These combinations will allow you to experiment with various playstyles, while also giving both powerful and weaker units alike an opportunity to find a role on your active roster. Of course, this list is in no way exhaustive, so we highly recommend you try out as many Emblem pairings in the early stages, before the enemy levels rise and the stakes become more daunting.

These are just some of the best Fire Emblem Engage character pairings, and yet, you’ll doubtless find a new one that works best for you.

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