Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here are the best Fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Fairy remains one of the stronger Pokemon types in Pokemon Scarlet and violet, thanks in no small part to the Fairy type Pokemon players can catch. From established mainstays like Jigglypuff to newer additions like the Tinkatink evolutionary line, many of the games’ offerings for Fairy collectors are a cut above the rest. Some are definitely better than others, though, which is why we’re here to what the best Fairy Pokemon are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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What the Best Fairy Type Pokemon Are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As is the case in most Pokemon titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a few Fairy type Pokemon that stand out as must-haves compared to their competition. The reasons for this vary from the moves they learn to their general stat distributions, but the end result is still the same.

To that end, we’ve listed each of the best Fairy types down below, along with what sets them apart, what natures best suit them, and where they can be caught. Do be aware, however, that this guide doesn’t mean the Fairy types not listed can’t be made viable through specific training or the use of special gimmicks. It only looks at which Fairy types would best serve someone, even during a standard playthrough with minimal knowledge of the series and its metas.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Host to the rare dual typing of Fairy and Steel, Tinkaton is only weak to Fire and Ground-type moves. Every other type of attack will deal neutral damage to it at best, meaning it’s perfect for tanking damage from an opponent’s team in almost every situation.

Past that, its signature move Gigaton Hammer is great for dealing heavy damage to opponents. Boasting a base damage value of 160, it can make quick work of targets in a single hit, even when one takes into account Tinkaton’s lower base Attack stat. It also learns other great physical Attack moves like Play Rough and Skitter Smack and can be taught moves like Brick Break through the use of TMs.

With all this in mind, the best natures for a Tinkaton would be ones that raise its Attack, Defense, or Special Defense stats in exchange for Special Attack or Speed. Natures that fit this description include Adamant, Brave, Impish, Relaxed, Careful, and Sassy.

As for where you can find a Tinkaton in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it’ll take some work, as you can’t actually catch a Tinkaton. Instead, you’ll have two other options: One is to catch a Tinkatink and level it up until it evolves into Tinkatuff at 24 and Tinkaton at 38. The other is to catch a Tinkatuff and then level them up until they evolve at level 38. You can catch Tinkatink most reliably near the ruins to the south of the Asada Desert, while Tinkatuff can be caught on the southern or western sides of Glaseado Mountain.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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A Special juggernaut, this final evolution of Ralts boasts fairly high Special Defense and learns some of the better Special Attack type Fairy moves in the game, such as Draining Kiss, Dazzling Gleam, and Moonblast. This is in addition to the Psychic type moves it learns due to its Psychic and Fairy dual typing, which serve to bolster its offensive capabilities with moves like Psychic, Dream Eater, and Future Sight.

The best Natures for Gardevoir are those that boost its Special Attack or Special Defense without hampering its Speed, ensuring it can land hard-hitting attacks fast and weather blows if these don’t knock out opponents immediately. This means Special Attack boosting natures like Modest or Mild are the best draws, followed by Special Defense boosting Natures like Calm or Gentle.

Gardevoir can be caught on Glaseado Mountain, though it has a very low spawn rate compared to other Pokemon. You can also catch a Kirlia near the lighthouses on the furthest western and eastern points of the map and level it up to level 30, or catch a Ralts in South Province Area One and then level it up to levels 20 and 30 to evolve into Kirlia and Gardevoir respectively.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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A solid new addition to the catalog of Fairy types, Dachsbun serves the unique role of being a decently speedy wall. Its defense makes it viable for tanking Attack-focused moves reliably, and it learns a variety of moves that can keep your opponents guessing, set up other team members for success, or boost its own stats so that it can keep causing headaches for your enemies.

It also has some great type coverage in terms of its learned move set. It gains the trademark physical Fairy attack Play Rough early on and learns moves like Crunch and Last Resort once it hits higher levels. This gives it an acceptable amount of offensive capabilities and makes it a great solution for taking on a wide variety of opponents.

To that end, try to track down one with a Nature that compliments whatever role you’d like to use Dachsbun to fill. For example, One with an Adamant or Naughty Nature would be good for an Offensive role, while an Impish or Lax nature would be good for defensive or stall roles.

As for finding one, it couldn’t be simpler. They can be found in abundance near or around the Team Star Fairy Base, as well as in most areas with grassy terrain. Likewise, you can catch a Fidough and train it up to level 26 to evolve.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Mimikyu is a highly effective Special stalling Pokemon, and that’s not just because of its Fairy and Ghost dual typing. Host to the Decoy ability, it’ll survive the first attack it’s hit with no matter what and can tank a decent amount of punishment thanks to its Special Defense. It can then damage or keep an enemy Pokemon busy with moves like Double Team, Baby Doll Eyes, or Charm, any of which have a high chance of hitting first thanks to Mimikyu’s higher Speed stat.

This makes a nature that boosts its Special Defense or Speed optimal, as one with an attack boosting Nature won’t do you much good. If you find one with a Careful or Jolly Nature, then you can be sure you’ve found one of the best possible variants of the spectral spirit.

To track one down, all you need to do is head toward the southeast edge of Glaseado Mountain to the north of the map or toward the ruins to the west of Levincia. They’ll have a higher chance of appearing at night, but otherwise shouldn’t be too hard to track down.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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As was the case in past titles, Sylveon remains one of the best Fairy types you can get your hands on. Its Speacial Attack and Special Defense are both exceptional, making it great for tanking Special-type moves while dishing out STAB-boosted moves of its own. It has a decent array to pick from, too; while Moonblast is an easy go-to offensive move, it also has moves like Skill Swap, Light Screen, and Misty Terrain, which can all lead to some devious strategies.

This makes Special boosting Natures a must. As such, you’ll want to make sure you nab one with a Modest, Mild, or Quiet Nature for offense; or a Calm, Gentle, or Sassy Nature for Defense. So long as they have one of these, your Sylveon will be set to fill its role on your team with maximum efficiency.

The only real challenge comes in catching one. While you can occasionally find one outside of the Team Star Fairy Base, this isn’t the most common occurrence. As such, it might be easier to catch an Eevee outside of Medali and then max out its friendship while it knows a Fairy-type move. This will cause it to evolve into Sylveon when it levels up.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Though Azumarill may not be the heaviest hitters among the best Fairy types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it’s easily one of the most reliable tanks you could have for stalling purposes. It has an exceptional HP stat which helps it weather almost any kind of attack, even when accounting for typing weaknesses. This is bolstered by its modest Defense and Special Defense stats, as well as its rare Fairy and Water dual typing.

As such, its defensive and set-up moves like Aqua Ring are perfect compliments to its base stats. Likewise, it can learn a wide variety of other moves via TMs, which can further increase its usefulness as a support-focused member of your team.

In terms of the best Natures for it, your best bets are a Bold, Calm, Impish, or Careful Nature. Any of these will see its Defense or Special Defense increased at the expense of its offensive capabilities and will optimize its usefulness in keeping your opponent’s Pokemon at bay.

To catch one, you can head to any area to the northwest of Paldea and look near the bodies of water there. Otherwise, you can catch a Marill and level it up to level 18. Catching an Azurill and evolving it into a Marill by maxing out its Friendship, and then leveling said Marill up to level 18 is also an option, though this process can be time-consuming.


Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Among the best Fairy-type Pokemon in the game, Florges is THE Special Defense wall, though this does come at a cost. In exchange for boasting some exceptionally high defensive capabilities against Special attacks, this third stage evolution doesn’t learn any new moves due to being an Evolutionary Stone-triggered evolution. This means you’ll need to have had your Floette learn as many moves as possible before exposing it to a Shiny Stone to maximize this Pokemon’s usefulness.

Fortunately, it can learn a slew of different moves through the use of TMs. Some of the best ones include Endure, Light Screen, and Substitute, which are perfect for fully utilizing this Pokemon’s Special Wall role on your team.

When it comes to a good Nature for this Pokemon, you can’t go wrong with any that boosts its Special Defense stat. These include the Calm, Gentle, Careful, Quirky, and Sassy Natures.

The trickiest part will be tracking one down. While you can catch Florges near the lighthouse found at the northernmost point of the map, they have a very low spawn rate. The only other alternative is to look for and catch a Floette or Flabebe in grassy areas with flower patches, but even then, you’ll need to level up Flabebe to level 19 to evolve into Floette and then track down a Shiny Stone to evolve Floett into a Florges.

Scream Tail

Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Game Freak and The Pokemon Company

The primordial version of Jigglypuff, Scream Tail, has a rather odd mix of Speed, Defense, and Special Defense. This makes it an odd yet useful fit for most teams, as it can effectively endure most attacks while also chipping away at opponents or giving you time to heal or set up other Pokemon. As such, you can’t go wrong in loading it out with offensive moves like Play Rough and Psychic Fangs or defensive moves like Disable, Sing and Perish Song.

This, in turn, means you don’t really need to aim for specific Natures over others. at the most, you’d probably want to avoid Natures like Brave, Relaxed, Quiet, Sassy, or Serious, as these would decrease Scream Tail’s Speed stat and might limit its usefulness in certain situations.

To find one, you’ll, unfortunately, be pretty limited in your options. In addition to being a Pokemon Scarlet exclusive, it can only be found in the end game when you travel to Area Zero.

Flutter Mane

Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Like Mimikyu, Flutter Mane is a great option for most parties thanks to its Fairy and Ghost dual typing. Unlike Mimikyu though, it’s tailor-made for offensive purposes, with Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed stats through the roof. These make it great for sending in against opponents weak to special moves and then hammering them with moves like Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast.

This makes seeking out the optimal Nature for them easy as well. The best ones a Flutter Mane could have are easily Modest or Mild, as these will further boost its viability in combat without tanking its Special Defense or Speed stats.

The only downside is that you won’t be able to get a Flutter Mane until the post game, if at all. Flutter Mane can only be found in Area Zero, and that’s only if you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet. It won’t appear in Pokemon Violet, and can only be traded over by someone who has caught one in Pokemon Scarlet.

Iron Valiant

Best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Game Freak and The Pokemon Company

Though its version exclusivity and lack of availability outside of the end game hampers its usability, Iron Valiant is still a force to be reckoned with among the best Fairy Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed are monstrously high, allowing you to quickly and efficiently decimate most any Pokemon your opponents send out.

The fact that it knows moves like Moonblast, Close Combat, and Spirit Break – in addition to being the rare Fighting and Fairy dual type – bolsters its role on any team as an offensive powerhouse. It’ll stand up to almost any enemy with ease and will leave anything else that comes at you thoroughly damaged otherwise.

For its Nature, you’ll definitely want to try and get one that is Lonely, Mild, Naughty, or Rash. These will further improve its offensive capabilities at the cost of defensive stats, though this won’t matter much so long as it hits its targets first.

As for where to find Iron Valiant, there’s only one way: You’ll need to reach Area Zero in Pokemon Violet. It doesn’t appear anywhere else in the game, and won’t appear, period, in Pokemon Scarlet.

Hopefully this cleared up what the best Fairy Types are in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more on the games, we’ve got a ton of other explainer guides covering topics like the best Pokemon for catching other Pokemon, how to breed Pokemon, and how to get Shiny Pokemon. We’ve also got plenty of articles related to the wider Pokemon series, which you can peruse down below.

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