Best Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Which broom is best for you?

Hogwarts Legacy, a game that allows players to finally experience the Wizarding World in all its glory, is available on current-gen consoles early thanks to the Deluxe Edition. One of the many exciting things that fans get to experience is broomstick riding, with all gamers able to get the broom of their dreams. So, what broom is the best for you to buy in Hogwarts Legacy? Twinfinite has the answer for you.

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Hogwarts Legacy Best Brooms

Much like the wand cores in Hogwarts Legacy, the broomstick you choose has no impact on the game’s gameplay. This means that the broom you select depends entirely on what fits the overall aesthetic of the witch or wizard you want to be the most.

The five brooms that you have access to once flight has been unlocked and their description is as follows:

  • Ember Dash Broom: The perfect broom for those with a fiery temperament.
  • Hogwarts House Broom: A broom enchanted to celebrate your particular Hogwarts house pride.
  • Moon Trimmer Broom: Finely crafted from ash, this broom is built for stability.
  • Wind Wisp Broom: A stylish broom with a light touch – quite literally.
  • Yew Weaver Broom: A comfortable and speedy broom with a unique woven design.

Price also shouldn’t be an issue when deciding between these brooms, as the ones listed here are all priced at 600 of the in-game currency, though they aren’t every single broom in the game.

If you don’t mind shelling out a little more dough for some of the higher-end brooms as the game goes along, then you can also check out some of the ones listed below:

  • Silver Arrow Broom: Designed by the famous broom-maker Leonard Jewkes, this broom is perfect for handling the competition.
  • Sky Scythe Broom: An agile broom for the flyer who wants to look impressive when demonstrating their myriad skills.
  • Aeromancer Broom: A smooth ride that cuts through the air like a potioneer slicing ingredients.
  • Family Antique Broom: An heirloom broom that has been passed down for generations

All Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Aside from the aforementioned five brooms, there are eight others making for a grand total of 13 broomsticks for players to be able to choose from, all of which are listed right here:

  • Ember Dash Broom
  • Hogwarts House Broom
  • Moon Trimmer Broom
  • Wind Wisp Broom
  • Yew Weaver Broom
  • Sky Scythe Broom
  • Silver Arrow Broom
  • Family Antique Broom
  • Aeromancer Broom
  • Night Dancer Broom
  • Wild Fire Broom
  • Bright Spark Broom
  • Lickety Swift Broom

It is also worth noting that even though the actual broomsticks are merely cosmetic choices, there is a way to unlock upgrades to your overall flying experience.

So if you find yourself having trouble riding brooms, this is probably something you should focus on trying to accomplish. Also, while there is unfortunately no quidditch in the game, there are plenty of optional objectives and tasks to complete using the broom that you have chosen.

How to Upgrade Your Broom Acceleration & Speed

Now that you know all of the brooms in the game, and what the best ones are in our opinion, you’ll want to make sure whichever one you’ve got is in tip-top shape. In order to upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to complete the following prerequisite:

  • Broom Upgrade #1 – finish “Flight Test” to increase your broom’s acceleration and speed and pay 1,000 Galleons.
  • Broom Upgrade #2 – finish “Sweeping the Competition” to increase your broom’s acceleration and speed.

Now that you’ve got your broom’s acceleration and speed maxed out, it’s only a matter of time until Avalanche Studios reveals the Quidditch DLC that everyone is dying to play.

Best PC Brooms & Mods in Hogwarts Legacy

Those of you playing Hogwarts Legacy on PC get a bit of an interesting advantage when it comes to brooms, as this platform has access to mods. If you’re familiar with adding these into your game, the following nexus mods are currently the best additions outside of the ones we’ve listed above, ranging from funny changes to lore-accurate ones.

That is everything you need to know about which broom is best in Hogwarts Legacy. For more information regarding the Wizarding World game, check out all of our related coverage on the game right down below.

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