Ark Survival Ascended PlayStation Release Time Countdown

The console countdown begins!

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Console players have been waiting a long time for Ark Survival Ascended to drop on Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5, and that time is nearly here for owners of the latter, following a few delays! Read on to see the Ark Survival Ascended PlayStation release time countdown timer.

Ark Survival Ascended PlayStation 5 Release Time Countdown

Ark Survival Ascended is now on Playstation 5
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When Will Ark Survival Ascended Arrive on Console?

Ark Survival Ascended was first slated to come to console all the way back in August of 2023, but the launch has been delayed multiple times, with multiple coming in mid-November.

Problems arose for Ark Survival Ascended in the approval process for both consoles, so devs pushed the release date back a few times. Following a pushback right before Xbox users were expecting the release on November 14, 2023, it has been delayed once more due to some new issues.

Ark Survival Ascended is out now on Xbox Series X|S and is due to release on PlayStation 5 by Nov. 30, 2023 (9 AM Pacific / 12 pm Eastern).

Anyone who has been looking forward to the game’s console release will be very happy to know it will be at the highest quality and at top performance before it lands. Of course, although our hopes are high, we should always be ready to expect some small issues when a huge new game first comes out. The fact that the release date has been extended as much as it has should mean there won’t be any big game-breaking problems to face, but some minor bugs and glitches are highly likely.

Is Ark Survival Ascended Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Answered

Sadly, there are no known release dates for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of Ark Survival Ascended. The game is pretty squarely positioned as a modern gen title, and its developers haven’t made any mention of making the game available on older consoles.

That’s all we have for the release time of Ark Survival Ascended on consoles. Gather your friends and get ready to meet up in-game! For more Ark Survival Ascended news and tips, including the best player settings to use, why not check out some of our other guides below?

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