Apex Legends: How to Use Heat Shields

Apex Legends Heat Shield Dome

The Heat Shield is a new item that’s been added with the Chaos Theory Collection Event update. If you regularly have trouble avoiding the closing ring, Heat Shields are the right item for you. Here’s how to use Heat Shields in Apex Legends.

How to Use Heat Shields in Apex Legends

During the Chaos Theory event, every player will drop into the map with a Heat Shield in their inventory. These take up inventory space in the new Survival Slot, which is used for items like Mobile Respawn Beacons.

Essentially, Heat Shields are here to protect you from the big, bad ring. They create protective domes that keep you safe whenever you find yourself outside of the ring’s safe zone, or near the new Ring Flares.

Think Gibraltar’s tactical ability, except it’s somehow even more useful. The Heat Shield dome will help keep you alive in more ways than one. Inside the dome, healing items can be used 50% faster, and revives can be completed 25% faster.

Apex Legends Heat Shield Dome

The catch here is that these speed bonuses only apply for Heat Shields that have been deployed near the ring. In other words, you won’t be able to benefit from those effects when your life isn’t in danger.

Heat Shields also take damage from the ring, so they can’t exactly be used to set up camp outside the safe zone. The domes last even less time during later rounds, as the ring does more damage.

Despite the drawbacks, this new item will potentially increase survivability when you and your team have nowhere left to run at the end of a round.

That’s everything you need to know about how to use the Heat Shield in Apex Legends. Heat Shields will remain as regular loot in Season 8 after the Chaos Theory event ends, so do your best to get used to using them this month.

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