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Apex Legends: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

apex legends beginner tips

Apex Legends: Tips & Tricks for Beginners

After a bit of a delay, the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends is finally here. This may be the first time that some of you are even paying any attention to the game. If you’re looking for a few pointers, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 tips and tricks for beginners in Apex Legends.

These are some of the basics that you should keep in mind as a newcomer. They’re pretty straightforward tips, but vital ones nonetheless.

Use the Ping System

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

The ping system in Apex Legends is a godsend for people who don’t/can’t always verbally communicate with their teammates. It allows players to provide crucial information in a precise manner with the press of a button.

You can ping items, locations, or general directions by pressing R1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, clicking the mouse wheel on PC, or R on the Switch.

Double-tapping the button will alert teammates of an enemy in the direction you’re facing, while holding it down will bring up an entire wheel of ping options.

It’s essential for beginners to get used to this ping system in Apex Legends, as it can save a lot of time as well as many lives.

Use Your Abilities

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

apex legends beginners tips

This one might seem obvious, but it can be tough to get used to all the skills available when coming from a more traditional FPS game.

Apex Legends features a roster of characters that each have their own unique passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. Get comfortable with the characters that you enjoy most.

Once those character picks are made, be sure to familiarize yourself with what they can do in combat. Legends are split into four categories: Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon. Their abilities reflect this.

Simply using guns and basic movement won’t be enough to win most matches. Knowing how to use abilities, both in and out of combat, will provide a greater chance at success. This is especially true when using your abilities in tandem with those of your teammates.

For example, Wattson, Rampart, and Caustic would make for an amazing defensive team, while Wraith, Revenant, and Octane would be perfect for attacking other squads.

Learn Map Movement Options

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

apex legends beginners tips
Source: Gamepedia

Every map in Apex Legends contains different ways to get from place to place, so beginners should learn them in order to avoid the closing ring or rotate out of unfavorable situations.

The ring is basically the safe zone, and if you’re caught outside of it, you’ll take constant damage. These map movement options will help keep you inside the ring as you avoid being sandwiched between other teams.

One option every map shares is called a Jump Tower. Jump Towers are littered throughout each map, and they’re essentially just giant balloons that allow you to reposition yourself by skydiving from high above the map.

The more unique map traversal options include the Trident vehicles and Phase Runner portals on Olympus, the geysers on World’s Edge, and the Singh Labs portal on King’s Canyon.

Holster Your Guns

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

When using map traversal options to get around isn’t an option, you’ll still want to be moving as fast as possible. Holstering weapons actually allows characters to sprint faster.

Running faster will lead to sliding faster, which can help with crossing gaps or making tough jumps. There’s also no fall damage, so failing to make a jump or two won’t be fatal unless you fall off the map completely.

Hold down Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox, X on Switch, or press 3 on PC to holster weapons. This is an important part of getting from place to place as quickly as possible, especially when the ring is creeping up.

Weapon Attachments Are Essential

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

apex legends beginners tips

There are attachments for each and every weapon in the game, and just like in other battle royales, they’re tiered by color. The gear tier list is ordered in the following way:


Attachments go up to legendary status, and they can give a serious edge in gunfights. For example, gold magazines will automatically reload a gun after a short time while it’s not the primary, meaning you can swap guns in a pinch without reloading manually.

Certain areas of the map contain are designated as high-tier loot locations, so pay attention to where you are. High-tier loot areas are worth exploring, but they can also be the most dangerous locations to be in.

Craft Some Items

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

Crafting was introduced back in Season 6, and it’s one of the best ways to get useful or rare items without directly putting your life on the line.

Replicators are basically 3D printers scattered across the map that allow players to craft different attachments daily. Use them to create attachments, recovery items, and even improve armor whenever possible.

It’s good to keep in mind that any attachments found in the Replicator menu can no longer be obtained as regular loot. So if you see something that you like, it’s best to craft it using Crafting Materials. Materials can be earned by opening loot bins, or interacting with the green tubes found near Replicators.

Perform Finishers

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

Apex Legends’ finishers are both flashy and functional. They’re not only a stylish way to end an enemy, but they also serve a purpose.

Your armor will fully recharge any time that you finish an opponent. This means that finishers are the best way to get your armor back if you finish a firefight, but can’t find any healing items.

To perform one, hold Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, Y on Switch, or E on PC while standing next to a downed enemy.

Pick Up Teammate Banners

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

If your teammate is the one who got finished, be sure to walk over to their death box and pick up their banner. Never forget to do this because Apex Legends allows players to revive fallen comrades.

After a teammate dies, there’s only a limited amount of time before their banner disappears for good, so the sooner it gets picked up, the better.

Once a banner is in hand, teammates can be brought back into the action using one of many respawn beacons scattered across each map. The beacons are indicated by green icons on your map.

It’s also important to remember not to loot your teammate’s death box by mistake (or on purpose) before you revive them, so that they can retrieve their gear.

Join a Club

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

Clubs are the best in-game way for players to find a group to play with, in the event that they don’t already have a regular squad.

It’s possible to search for specific kinds of clubs that share your individual goals or preferences by using hashtags. These can include tags like #BeginnersWelcome, #MicRequired, #LGBTQIA+Welcome, and more.

As a club member, you’ll be able to invite any other member to a squad as long as they aren’t already part of one. This option helps with avoiding matches with random players who may not cooperate at all.

Experiment in the Firing Range

Apex Legends Tips for Beginners

This is an obvious one, but the firing range has everything you need to test out guns, damage numbers, attachments, Legends, and more.

You’re forced into doing a training tutorial before joining your first match, but beginners should definitely spend a bit more time at the range in order to get more comfortable with most of Apex Legends’ gameplay features.

The firing range can even be entered with friends, with friendly fire on or off. Turning it on can be a fun way to fool around with teammates while learning how the game works.

Those are 10 tips and tricks for beginners in Apex Legends. Hopefully they can help keep you alive as you improve. If you’re looking for more, be sure to search Twinfinite for all of your guide needs.

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