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How to Get & Evolve Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders

Find and evolve your own Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders

The Elf Wizardess is one of the stronger units in Anime Defenders, plus she’s based on everyone’s favorite elf mage Frieran. While Elf Wizardess is a mighty Mythic unit, which typically means she’s tough to get, there’s good news! The game uses a pity system in its gacha rotation which you can use to get her. Here’s how to get and evolve the Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders

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How to Get Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders 

Just like all other units in Roblox Anime Defenders, you’ll get the Elf Wizardess by playing the gacha or through trade.

When you decide to play the gacha, we suggest you keep pulling until you’re close to the Mythic Pity (400 pulls). After that, when you need ten or fewer pulls, wait for the Elf Wizardess to appear in the rotation and pull ten times. If you do this correctly, you can pull an Elf Wizardess. You can get lucky and pull her way before reaching the Mythic Pity. You can also use Super Lucky potions to boost your luck. 

The Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders.
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One more way to get Elf Wizardess is through trade. You need to visit the Trade area and look at the stalls or use the official Discord. Elf Wizardess is a powerful Mythic unit, so you’ll need to spend a lot of Gems to get her. When you’re low on Gems, check out the latest Anime Defenders codes.

How to Evolve Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders?

You can evolve the Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders by crafting three Flame Grimoire. This is what you’ll need to craft one Flame Grimoire:

  • 1x Rainbow Star
  • 3x Purple Stars
  • 3x Blue Stars
  • 3x Red Stars
  • 3x Green Stars
  • 10x Yellow Stars
  • 8,500 Gold
The crafting menu in Anime Defenders.
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When you craft the Flame Grimoires, take them to the Evolve Station and evolve Elf Wizardess into Elf Hero.

To sum it all up, these are the ways you can get and evolve the Elf Wizardess in Anime Defenders. You might also want to check out other guides on Anime Defenders such as how to get Thunder Shinobi, how to get Admiral of Light, and how to get The Beast unit in Anime Defenders

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