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How to Get Admiral of Light in Anime Defenders

Where is the Admiral of Light?

There are many rare and coveted characters to be found in this Roblox experience, but one in particular has had players talking. So, let’s find out everything you need to know on how to get Admiral of Light in Anime Defenders. Keep reading to find out where he can be found.

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Getting Admiral of Light in Anime Defenders

The Admiral of Light is a Legendary-tier unit in Anime Defenders, meaning the only way to obtain it is currently through the summon system.

In the hub world, players can find a portal named Summon. Using it, it is possible to spend gems to try and get certain units. The Admiral of Light has a 2% chance of being summoned when he is in the active banner, thus the chances are quite slim, especially compared to units of other varieties, such as rare and epic.

The summon portal in Anime Defenders
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To make things at least slightly easier for you, you can rely, at least a bit, on “Pity”. The Pity system, in the Summons portal, guarantees a legendary unit after you have bought 50 summons. Clearly, this does not guarantee that you will get the coveted Admiral, but it at least does guarantee you will be walking away with a valuable unit.

Naturally, you can also decide to trade units with other players. The current value of the Admiral of Light is not very high, at 90 gems, with the shiny version going for as high as 900 gems.

Admiral of Light Abilities

The Admiral of Light is a unit that is capable of dealing quite significant damage, so definitely one you might want to bring with you. The Admiral’s basic skill is the Light Sword which can be levelled up for 162 damage. After level 4, the Admiral gains the Light Kick attack as well, which can deal up to 335 damage.

Finally, the Barrage of Light is the final attack of the Admiral. This deals up to 454 damage with an impressive range of 25.2. Evolving the unit will cost you a total of 26,150 yen.

That’s all we have for you on how to get the Admiral of Light in Anime Defenders. For more guides on this Roblox game, take a look at how to get Pink Rockstar and also, get some free rewards with our Anime Defenders codes.

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