How to get The Thunder Shinobi in Anime Defenders
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How To Get Thunder Shinobi In Anime Defenders

Begone with the thunderclap!

Anime Defenders is a fun Gacha game on Roblox that boasts a huge range of anime character variants. One of the characters we’re going to help you acquire is the Thunder Shinobi in Anime Defenders. He’s based on the fan-favorite anime character, Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto anime/manga. You’ll find him to be a nice damage-dealing Mythic unit with decent stats. However, taking the time to level him up or even investing in his evolution will net you a pretty solid character in your party.

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How Can You Get the Thunder Shinobi?

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The first method you can acquire Thunder Shinobi is by summoning him through the Summon Portal in Anime Defenders. Since pulling Thunder Shinobi is a game of RNG, I recommend you stock up on gems to do multiple banner pulls when Thunder Shinobi is available. However, the pull rate is quite low at 0.25% so you’ll be doing this for a while.

If your luck didn’t pan out, the second method to secure the Thunder Shinobi is by relying on the Mythic Pity system. In Summons, you’ll see a bar that fills by an increment of one every time you perform a summon. On 400 summons, you’ll be given the banner Mythic (as a pity, of course). So try to make it to 400 and only pull your pity once Thunder Shinobi is available on the banner.

Lastly, you could just head over to the trade area and buy/trade a Thunder Shinobi. However, a Mythic unit like him will be pretty expensive.

How to Evolve Thunder Shinobi into Thunder God

If you’re ready to take your Thunder Shinobi to the next level, literally, you’ll need to evolve him into the Thunder God. To evolve Thunder Shinobi, you’ll need to craft two sets of Shadow Eyes. You’ll need the following to craft the eyes (two sets):

  • 12 Red Stars
  • 12 Blue Stars
  • 30 Yellow Stars
  • Eight Purple Stars
  • Two Rainbow Stars

Once you have all the materials, simply bring them over to the evolve portal, combine everything together, and get the Thunder God. It’s definitely a big step up from Thunder Shinobi and you’ll find it pretty effective in your party.

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