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All Weapon Locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Arm yourself with every available weapon in the game.

Whether it’s due to the stat changes they bring or their aesthetic changes to your characters, there’s plenty of reasons for you to want to know all of the weapon locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Fortunately for you, we’ve gathered all the necessary info in this guide.

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How to Get All Weapons in FF7 Rebirth

View of Cloud's Weapon in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
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There are a slew of different weapons to find in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and they run the gamut in terms of how hard they are to obtain.

In general though, they can be found in one of three ways. The first is by opening purple chests scattered throughout the world. These chests always contain a weapon, and are typically found while you play through portions of the main story.

Cloud Looking at Purple Weapon chest in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
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FF7 Rebirth Weapons can likewise be obtained as rewards for completing specific minigames and challenges tied to them. A new collar for Red XIII, for example, might require you to earn the top rank of prizes via a hard to achieve score.

You can also get a select few weapons through the completion of Quests. Some have the weapon as their completion reward, wherein you have to help the client make the weapon via the tasks you complete for them

And finally, you can get new weapons the old fashion way — by buying them from weapon merchants around the world. Bear in mind, though, that this can get expensive fast, as each new weapon can run you thousands of gil. We recommend you carefully weigh whether or not it’s worth it to shell out the extra cash instead of trying to find or earn the weapon you want.

All FF7 Rebirth Weapon Locations

To save you some time, we’ve compiled every weapon location down below. Bear in mind that this is a work in progress, and we are still confirming whether or not there are legendary weapons for each party member. Be sure to check back regularly for updates on where such weapons can be found if they’re in the game.

FF7 Rebirth WeaponWho Can Equip It?Location/How to Get It
Buster SwordCloudStarting weapon.
Leather GlovesTifaStarting weapon.
Guard StickAerithStarting weapon.
Gatling GunBarretStarting weapon.
Renegade’s CollarRed XIIIStarting weapon.
4-Point ShurikenYuffieStarting weapon.
Iron MegaphoneCait SithOne of Cait Sith’s starting weapons.
Yellow MegaphoneCait SithOne of Cait Sith’s starting weapons.
Sleek SaberCloudOn the abandoned dock when you approach the Midgardsormr’s territory for the first time. Keep an eye out for the Purple chest’s glow as you approach.
Timeless RodAerithBehind Chloe’s counter at Bill’s Chocobo Ranch. Look just to the left of her and you can see the glow of the purple chest.
High Calibur RifleBarretAs you push into the Midgardsormr’s swamp, keep an eye out to your right. Eventually, a small patch of land with a purple chest will come into view. The weapon is in the chest.
Sylph GlovesTifaOnce you enter the Northern Quarry – Storage Area portion of the Mythril Mines, head toward the bottom right corner of the area. Deal with the enemies there, and then open the purple chest to secure your new weapon.
Empress’ ScepterAerithafter you save Yuffie and are able to rest at the inn, talk to Aerith and then go into her room. Once inside, you can find and open a weapon chest.
Rune BladeCloudAfter Yuffie’s failed attempt to kill Rufus, wait until you regain control of Cloud and then look for a purple chest next to the vending machines you can use to restock before the escape scene. Open the chest to receive the new blade.
Kaiser KnucklesTifaAfter the Shinra 8 attacked by Fiends, proceed until you gain access to the 1st Floor of the Cargo Deck. After you deal with the enemy that triggers there, you can open up a purple weapons chest to the left.
Silver CollarRed XIIIGiven as a reward when you get an uncontested 1st place in the Run Wild minigame in Costa Del Sol. Make sure you keep the ball headed toward your opponents’ goals whenever possible, and take advantage whenever any of the other animals get tired.
Wizard’s RodAerithAfter the party splits up during the hike up Mt. Corel, look to the left for a small side path. Follow it, and you can find and open a purple weapon chest at the end of the path.
Twin ViperYuffieAfter you reach the point where Yuffie gets her grappling hook, grapple over the first gap toward the lever. The purple chest is to your right after you land.
Barrage BlasterBarretAfter you activate the moving poles in the Coal Mines – 30m area, take the pole heading down toward an area with a Cockatrice and Heatseekers. Make your way to the outdoor area to your right, and the look for the weapon chest on the edge of a cliff.
Amethyst CollarRed XIII Accessible via the Of Robed Men and Ransoms Quest. In the cave where you use the UV Flashlight for the first time, head into the room with fish Fiends swimming through the ground. Look in an alcove to the right, and you’ll discover a purple weapon chest you can open
Umbral BladeCloudAfter the cutscene introducing Gus, head down into the building his henchman enters and look to your left to find the purple chest containing this weapon.
Dragon ClawsTifaClear the Rank 3 Challenge of Desert Rush in Corel Prison’s Desert Rush mini game. Prioritize the activation of electric blocks, and keep an eye out for the time bonus blocks to make sure you can keep tracking down blocks to destroy for as long as possible.
Vulcan CannonBarretThe purple chest containing this weapon is on the ledge you approach right after Barret rejoins your party in the Corel Desert.
Bird of PreyYuffieAfter you enter Cissnei’s House in Gongaga, head toward the bedroom and look to the left of the bedroom’s entrance. The chest is tucked into a nook there.
Fafnir RifleBarretYou can only get this weapon if you complete The Pursuit of Perfection Quest in the Gongaga Region. Speak to the weaponsmith when his Quest becomes available, and then use his clues to reach some deposits of Draconite Ore. After you bring the samples back to him, he gives you the weapon free of charge.
Crystal SwordCloudAfter you enter the Gongaga Reactor, head down the corridor and enter the square room on B2. Then, head through the gap with the collapsed rock fragment and look for the weapon chest to your right.
Golden CollarRed XIIIWhile you’re in the room with the terminal that raises the water level in the Gongaga Reactor, pull the cart with the crates back until it allows you to climb up onto the red shipping crate. Climb onto the crate and then go through the opening in the back of the room. Drop into the next room, and then climb the containers to reach the nearby weapon chest.
Tiger FangsTifaIn the room where Tifa can use her grappling hook to climb out of the water (Reactor-B2). Grapple upward from the water twice, and then look behind you. Hop over the gap in the floor, and then use the grapple point to your left. The weapon chest will then be to your right.
Crescent SickleYuffieComplete the Glide de Chocobo minigame with 3600 points or more. The mini game is unlocked during the Bonds of Trust side mission in the Cosmo Canyon Region.
Crystal MegaphoneCait SithThe purple chest with this weapon in it is on the lowest level of the valuables storage area near the Cosmo Canyon observatory. The storage area is unlocked for you after you go to the observatory and split off from Tifa and Aerith.
Mystic CollarRed XIIIThe collar can be found in the upper right corner of the room where Red XIII has to collect items for the Gi statue.
Calamity BazookaBarretThis armament’s weapon chest is in the Chamber of Sacrifice in the Gi Tomb in Cosmo Canyon. From the entrance to the Chamber, head down and to the left until you reach a platform with Two Face enemies. The chest is on the far end of the platform.
Ceremonial StaffAerithAfter you’re brought to the village of the Gi, look for the purple chest near the entrance to the village proper. Open it up to obtain the staff.
GjallarhornCait SithThe weapon is a reward you can get if you tuen in 45 tufts of Chocograss to the stable hand at the Chocobo Sage’s house in the Nibel Region. The Chocograss can be found floating above bodies of water throughout the region, and you can reach them after you tame the Sea Chocobo in the area.
Crystal GlovesTifaAs you make your way up to the Nibelheim Reactor, look for a closed off area with some yellow forklifts to the left. The purple chest is right next to the forklifts.
Igneous SaberCloudAs you make your way further up toward the Nibelheim Reactor, keep an eye out for two climbable rock walls. Climb up the wall to your right, and the weapon chest will be to your left on a steel platform.
Golden MegaphoneCait SithThe chest is in the Mako Research Facility Section W where you first learn how to use the Moogle in world as Cait Sith. Toss a box at the switch in the upper left corner near the gate to open it and reach the chest.
Plumose RodAerithThe rod is in Hojo’s Secret Laboratory room in the Nibelheim Manor. The room can only be accessed by clearing all of Hojo’s combat trials, which are made available after you complete the Lament of the Damned Quest.
Crystalline CrossYuffieThis weapon is in the back area of the Gold Saucer while you pursue Cait Sith. Specifically, it’ll be in the room with two Tonberry plushes where he knocks over some boxes.
Slipstream SaberCloudYou can get this blade in the Temple of the Ancients, Labyrinth Ceiling room. Head toward the section where you climb the vines for the first time and then climb directly up. Then, look to your right to find the chest.
JarngreiprTifaAfter the party gets separated, continue forward until you fight a group of Shinra troops and a Slugray. After you beat them, continue into the following room and look to your left to spot the chest.
GambanteinnAerithAfter you take control of Aerith’s party in the Temple of the Ancients, continue forward until you restore two sections of the Temple. Head into the left section and go down the stairs, and the chest will be on the left.
Red MegaphoneCait SithMore Info Coming Soon!

And with that, you’re all caught up on where to find every weapon in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. For more on the game, we highly recommend our guides on how to get every Summon.

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