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All Poke Balls in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and What They Do

A Poke Ball for every occasion!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet take players to the never-before-visited region of Paldea, offering up a ton of new creatures to catch. Of course, in order to do this, you’re going to need some Poke Balls. While the standard variety will be sufficient for your early game encounters, the tougher and higher-level Pokemon you’ll come across later on in the game will need better Poke Balls to catch them… or at least make it easier! Here’s all Poke Ball types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, what they do, and how to get them, so you can catch ’em all!

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Poke Ball List

Poke Ball TypeEffect/ UsePriceWhere to Buy/ Get It
Poke BallA device to catch Pokemon.₽200Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Great BallHas a greater chance of catching a Pokemon than the standard Poke Ball.₽600Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Ultra BallHas a higher chance of catching a Pokemon than the Great Ball.₽800Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Premier BallN/AN/AGiven to you for purchasing 10 Poke Balls from a Poke Mart.
Dusk BallEffective at catching Pokemon at night or in caves.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Timer BallBecomes more effective the longer the battle against the Pokemon goes on for.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Quick BallHas an increased chance of catching the Pokemon if used at the beginning of a battle.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Dive BallGood at catching Pokemon in water.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Luxury BallThe Pokemon caught with a Luxury Ball will gain friendship points faster.₽3,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Nest BallHas a higher chance of catching Pokemon that are a lower level than the one you’re using.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Repeat BallHas a higher chance of catching the Pokemon if it’s already registered as caught in your Pokedex.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Net BallHas an increased chance of catching Water or Bug-type Pokemon.₽1,000Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Heal BallFully restores the captured Pokemon’s HP and PP and removes status conditions.₽300Poke Mart or Delibird Presents
Master BallGuaranteed to catch whatever Pokemon it’s used on.N/AThe Master Ball is given to you after beating the main story.

So, that about wraps things up for now. We hope this helped to clue you in on all Poke Ball types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on the game, we’ve got you covered with all Mystery Gift codes, what Tera Raids are, how to catch Pawmi, and how to beat the Cortondo gym.

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