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All PlayStation Digital Collectibles, Listed

Here are some special rewards you can unlock as part of PlayStation Stars.

During PlayStation’s latest State of Play showcase, the publisher finally unveiled its new PlayStation Stars service. This loyalty program will entitle gamers to a variety of rewards and loyalty points, the latter of which can be used for discounts on digital purchases through the PlayStation Store.

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Loyalty points can also be used on digital collectibles, which Sony unveiled just a few of during the showcase. Here are all the PlayStation digital collectibles we know of so far.

All PlayStation Digital Collectibles

During the State of Play, Sony revealed six distinct digital collectibles that will be available in the PlayStation Stars program. These are the first ones we’ve gotten to see:

  • Punto the Gondolier – One of the many collectible monkeys from Ape Escape 2, Punto appears sailing his gondola just as he had done in the original game.
  • Chord Machine – Truly a deep cut, this is a model of Sony’s one-off stereo device released in 1982, 12 years before the release of the original PlayStation.
  • PlayStation 3 – Sony’s seventh-generation console, the system is preserved in its original form, as opposed to the Slim or Super Slim variants.
  • Toro and Kuro – Two mascots of Sony in Japan featured in the Doko Demo Issyo franchise, their collectibles show them celebrating a birthday with a cake.
  • PocketStation – A obscure, Japan-only memory card peripheral for the PlayStation, this platform was most popular for the aforementioned release of Doko Demo Issyo.
  • Polygon Man – An early marketing character for the original PlayStation, Polygon Man would later become the final boss of 2012’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

So far, these are the only digital collectibles Sony has been willing to share. There are sure to be more, however, and Sony will almost certainly reveal them before the official release of the service.

Until then, that’s all we’ve got on all the PlayStation Stars digital collectibles. Check back to Twinfinite for more information as it becomes available, and while you’re at it, check out how you’ll be able to join the service for free.

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