All Hogwarts Legacy Trans Characters

Can you be Trans in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you be Trans?

Hogwarts Legacy has finally been released, and many are curious as to if there’s any role that transgendered people play in the game. Well, we’ve got just what you need to know about all the trans characters in Hogwarts Legacy, including if your main character can be customized as such.

Can You be Transgendered in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Unfortunately, there is currently no option to select being transgendered in Hogwarts Legacy. During the build-up to the game’s release, there was a rumor and some discussion about whether or not Avalanche Software would include the ability to customize a character as trans in the character creation menu, but it doesn’t appear to have made it into the final product.

However, it should be noted that Hogwarts Legacy does include a transgendered character in the game that players can interact with and talk to.

Are There Trans Characters in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sirona Ryan
Image Source: Warner Bros. Games via Twinfinite

There is one trans character in Hogwarts Legacy, and their name is Sirona Ryan, the owner of the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Players can interact with them while on a mission chasing down a goblin named Lodgok, where the barkeep will have the following line of dialogue:

“He recognized me instantly. Which is more than I can say for some of my own classmates. Took them a second to realize I was actually a witch, not a wizard.”

This implies that Ryan used to be a Male Wizard, but eventually transitioned into a Female Witch at some point in her life. There isn’t much else interaction-wise you’ll have with the character outside of this brief conversation, but it’s one that obviously holds a significant meaning.

That should do it for answering your questions about all the trans characters in Hogwarts Legacy and if your main character can be customized as transgender. For more info on the game, including House-sorting inquiries, be sure to search the rest of Twinfinite.

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