The Santa Sena Border Crossing Map in Modern Warfare 2

All Easter Eggs in Modern Warfare 2

Here are all the Easter Eggs of Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features many Easter Eggs in the Campaign and multiplayer maps. However, some of these items/references are hidden in various areas, making it difficult to pinpoint their exact location. So, if you want to explore these little details within the game, here are all the Easter Eggs in Modern Warfare 2.

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All Easter Eggs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

The multiplayer matches of Modern Warfare 2 include several Easter Eggs in maps, such as the Santa Sena Border Crossing and the Crown Raceway. Here’s a breakdown of each location’s Easter Eggs:

Al Bagra Fortress Developer Easter Egg

Reddit user jomann66 found a note from an unknown developer of Modern Warfare 2 in the Al Bagra Fortress map. This note states, “It is my hope that this text will eventually be illegible unlike the previous signs in Modern Warfare, which many diligent people online took the time to translate and transcribe much to my horror. In any case, I continue to appreciate all of the people who take a moment out of their day to read incidental signage such as this.”

Furthermore, the developer expressed his appreciation for those who look for little details like this Easter Egg:

Breaking Bad Reference

Breaking Bad Easter Egg in MW2
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

The Santa Sena Border Crossing (6v6 version) features a Breaking Bad reference in the middle of the main roadway. Once players reach this location, they can spot a familiar sight of the show’s van, including the same duct tape-covered bullet holes on the door:

MW2 breaking bad easter egg
Image Credit: Activision via Twinfinite

The Return of the Rust Map

An Easter Egg of the Rust map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) can be seen in the Taraq Ground War map. If you go to the B flag in this location, you’ll see an almost identical structure from this past map:

F1 Car KillCam Easter Egg

In the Crown Raceway map of Modern Warfare 2, players can perform a trick that takes them to the racetrack. From there, you can be eliminated by an oncoming car, resulting in a Killcam from the viewpoint of this transportation device:

Highrise Map

TikTok user therealhdee located an Easter Egg of the original MW2 map, Highrise. Players can find this area in the Embassy, as shown here:

All Easter Eggs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign has an extensive amount of references to the original game and other installments within the Call of Duty franchise. Here is a compilation of the Easter Eggs of MW2’s Campaign:

Ghost’s Mask Origins Story Reference

One of the cutscenes in the Cartel Protection mission showcases a conversation between Ghost and Rodolfo in Las Almas. During this moment, Rodolfo tells him, “With your mask, you will fit in well here.” This dialogue references Ghost’s comic series, where he used a skull (the symbol of his mask) to break out of a coffin in Mexico.

In addition to this Easter Egg, the Ghost Team mission is similar to the beginning of Call of Duty: Ghosts, primarily because both scenes display a group with the legendary mask.

Soap’s Name

The El Sin Nombre storyline in Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign includes a scene that references Call of Duty 4. In the previous game, Captain Price states, “What the hell kind of name is Soap?” Then, in the current version, Diego almost mimics this line:

Call of Duty: Ghost Riley Reference

In the Modern Warfare 2’s Alone mission, players can find a replica toy of the canine, Riley, from Call of Duty Ghosts:

It may be a bit challenging to locate, but you’ll have to look around in various houses of this particular task (there should be one near some knick-knacks on top of a shelf.) Additionally, one fan has noted that this toy was originally a Charm in the 2019 version of MW2.

Teddy Bear Locations

The Call of Duty franchise has many teddy bear Easter Eggs in several games, like Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Modern Warfare. It is also a “bad luck” item in the Mystery Box of Origins (and many others), resulting in the disappearance of this weapons box. That said, it’s no surprise that MW2 has a few teddy bears in the Campaign’s missions. For example, the Alone storyline includes one on top of a shelf, as shown here:

Burger Town Reference

Modern Warfare 2’s Tradecraft Campaign mission features many references throughout the storyline. One of the first Easter Eggs is the Burger Town sign, a fast food restaurant that appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

As for the latest MW2 reference, players can locate the Burger Sign before going across the bridge with Laswell:

Burger Town Sign in Tradecraft Campaign Mission of MW2
Screenshot via Twinfinite

Besides this reference, players got the chance to obtain the exclusive Burger Town pack with a themed Operator Skin and one hour of XP.

Cover of “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish

After the Burger Town reference, you can listen to a cover of “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish from a local group of musicians in the Tradecraft mission. If players listen closely, they can hear the melody of this popular song:

Billie Eilish Easter Egg in Modern Warfare 2
Screenshot via Twinfinite

Verdansk Stadium Jersey

The last Tradecraft Easter Egg is the Verdansk stadium jersey in a bike shop near Captain Price. This item is a nod to the Football team shown in the fan-favorite Verdansk map:

Verdansk Jersey Easter Egg in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign
Screenshot via Twinfinite

Pawn Takes Pawn Reference

The Dark Water mission in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign showcases a Pawn Takes Pawn Easter Egg from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This reference was a part of a pre-launch marking campaign website to promote this previous game, where many fans analyzed items in anticipation of its release.

You can check out this Easter Egg in this YouTube video here:

Ghost References His Death in the Original Modern Warfare 2

During a cutscene from Prison Break, Ghost states the iconic line, “Shepherd burned us.” This dialogue is a reference to the original MW2, in which Ghost burns alive due to the actions of this particular character. But, of course, this storyline does not happen in the newest version of the game since Ghost is alive and well.

Captain Price Prisoner Number Easter Egg

In the Ghost Team mission of the Campaign, players will input “627” on a keypad to get inside an establishment. With this in mind, this code is a reference to Captain Price’s prisoner number in the original MW2:

“All Ghillied Up” Line from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

While on the topic of Captain Price, the Recon By Fire Campaign mission of Modern Warfare 2 features a line from Captain Macmillan in the 2007 version of Modern Warfare. In this game, the character states, “Try to anticipate their paths. If you have to maneuver, do it slow and steady. No quick movements.” Moreover, Captain Price says the same line in the Recon By Fire mission to direct the player in this intricate task.

No Russian

The last Easter Egg of Modern Warfare 2 is the “No Russian” text in the ending cutscene. No Russian is the fourth mission of the original MW2, widely known for its violently graphic moments. Because of this gory concept, this storyline is not in the newest installment.

That does it for our guide about all the Easter Eggs of Modern Warfare 2. If you have any information about other references or little details, be sure to comment it down below.

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