All Answers to Setaria’s Questions in Genshin Impact

All Answers to Setaria’s Questions in Genshin Impact

Here are all the answers to Setaria's questions in Genshin Impact.

The Genshin Impact Version 3.1 update provides players with new storylines and unique areas to discover. So, if you have difficulty selecting the correct dialogue options in the latest Archon quest, we’ll show you all the answers to Setaria’s questions. In addition, we’ll discuss what you can expect from this mission and how you can advance further in this task.

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Answering Setaria’s Questions in Genshin Impact

Answering questions in Genshin Impact
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In the Genshin Impact Archon quest: Dreams, Emptiness, and Deception, you’ll embark on a mission where you must persuade Setaria, who is involved with the Grand Sage. The only way to do this feat is by using the powers of Nahida to possess residents of the area and choosing the following answers:

  • ‘Harut and Marut’
  • Hummm… Ah, the gods have spoken!’
  • ‘Uh, masonry work!’
  • ‘He’s feeling a lot better, and he’s walking more now.’
  • ‘No, I’ve been spending all my time studying in the basement.’

During this time, Nahida will allow you to control three people associated with Setaria: Nabiya, Akim, and Qishan. Each character has their own characteristics and lifestyle, so you’ll need to select the correct answers to get Setaria to believe you. Furthermore, players must go to the designated areas at the end of every conversation to give Nahida the chance to possess the residents.

Once you’ve chosen the dialogue options shown above, the Traveler will take over the mind of Rima, who is one of the guards of the area. Players won’t need to worry about picking the right choices at this point since this is primarily a cutscene. By the end of the conversation, Setaria will tell you crucial information, resulting in the next phase of Nahida’s mission.

That does it for our guide on all the answers to Setaria’s questions in Genshin Impact. For more content about Version 3.1, you can check out the relevant links below and look at our guides about how to get Candace, where to find Redcrest, and all Scarab locations.

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