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20 Places Where You Can Enjoy Your Nintendo Switch But Probably Shouldn’t

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20 Places Where You Can Enjoy Your Nintendo Switch But Probably Shouldn’t

The possibilities are endless.

Nintendo has emphasized the magic of having a hybrid home console you can take on the go so why not really take things to a new level? There are tons of fun places where you can sit down and enjoy your new Nintendo Switch so allow your friends at Twinfinite to help you come up with some fun ideas for gaming on the go.

Bouncy House

As if bouncy houses weren’t magical enough, why not bring your Switch inside to double up on the fun. We would recommend doing this with a group of friends though. An adult jumping around in a bounce house while playing video games alone just seems a little creepy.

Back of the Bank Robbery Van Before the Heist

Pulling off a bank heist just sounds stressful. If you need a way to make up for all the money you just spent on buying a Switch and its costly accessories, you may find yourself in the back of a van trying to calm your nerves before the big heist. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. Fortunately, playing your new Switch is a great way to unwind while also working on your reflexes—you might need them in a little bit.

Backseat of a Cop Car


On Stage During a Broadway Play


On the White House Lawn


At the White House Press Briefing


In the Live Audience for a Daytime Talk Show


In-n-Out Burger

Don’t let the name mislead you. A trip to this popular burger spot still involves standing around and waiting for your order. Now you can replace impatient toe-tapping with some quick Mario Kart races or run through a few rounds of Splatoon.


At the Table with Your Dungeons & Dragons Group


Aquarium (With a lot of Ziploc Bags)

A trip to the aquarium is always a good time so why not step things up a notch? Grab a box of Ziploc bags and get ready to have the most fun you’ve ever had while surrounded by fish. Will the bags hinder your gameplay experience? Possibly, but you were already playing with an oddly placed joystick on one side of the controller so how much of that can you really blame on the bags?


At the Doctor’s Office During Your Check-Up



During a TED Talk



In a Bunker

Nobody is trying to suggest that you will need a bunker soon or anything. We’re just saying it’s nice to know that your Switch can come with you into your private bunker if you so choose to have one. Just throwing it out there.


At the Gym

You weren’t really going to do much in there anyway. Who are you fooling? Just hop on the stationary bike and play some games. Trust us, the Nintendo Switch workout plan will be a hit in the summer.


U.S.-Mexico Border

Hey… this is your last chance to do it. Rumor has it there’s going to be an expensive wall there soon.


Tax Preparation Office

It’s tax season. You don’t want to be there and neither does the person sitting across from you who is now trying to sort out all the poor financial decisions you made over the last fiscal year—like purchasing an expensive hybrid gaming console? Whatever. Whipping out a Nintendo Switch while someone else tries to make sense of your tax woes is all the vindication you need.


Movie Theater



Look at all those people sitting around studying and doing work. You know what they need? A distraction. You take your Switch into that Starbucks and show those people what an epic pop off looks like after you just dominated a Street Fighter match or smoked the competition in Mario Kart. It’s the right thing to do.


At Work (While You’re Getting Fired)


The Porcelain Throne

We were all thinking it. Let’s just get it out the way. Nintendo executives spent time demonstrating how you can relax your shoulders on the couch while playing the Switch, but that’s not what we really needed to know. How relaxed can I be while playing the Switch and ruling the Porcelain Throne, Nintendo? Focus on the real questions.

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