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Meet the Voice Actors of The Evil Within 2’s Cast

The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Chapter 5

Meet the Voice Actors of The Evil Within 2’s Cast

These faces would never scare you.

Some of The Evil Within 2 voice actors have changed since the original game. This is your chance to get familiar with the new cast and see the faces behind The Evil Within 2.

Sebastian Castellanos and Juli Kidman have new voice actors in The Evil Within 2.

You’ll notice Sebastian Castellanos doesn’t sound the same this time around. The previous voice actor, Anson Mount, isn’t joining the cast for The Evil Within II but Marqus Bobesich has stepped in to bring the game’s protagonist to life.

Juli Kidman also has a new sound in The Evil Within 2. Jennifer Carpenter voiced Juli in The Evil Within but Meg Saricks is taking the role over in the sequel. The decision has been a divisive one so far in forums with some gamers expressing their disappointment in the new tone behind Juli and others saying it feels like a refreshing alternative.

Just like her husband, Myra Castellanos is returning to The Within 2 with a brand new voice. In the first game Myra was played by Tasia Valenza but the Evil Within 2 has now called on the talents of Elizabeth Saydah to voice Myra.

Laura Downes career has focused more on television and movies, with the voice actress playing minor roles in shows like Mr. Student Body President and Deadly Wives, but this could be a break out moment for Downes. She joins the gaming world now as the voice behind Tatiana Gutierrez in The Evil Within 2.

Jesse LeNoir is a well-rounded creative talent who acts, directs and even designs clothes. He was featured as a contestant on Project Runway back in 2010 and appeared on the TV documentary series Deadly Sins earlier this year. Now he has taken on the role of one of Sebastian’s allies in The Evil Within 2.

Yukiko Hoffman has taken on a variety of different gigs in the entertainment space. She has appeared in the TV series Mysteries of the Unexplained and even appeared in Katy Perry’s music video for Bon Appetit.

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