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Top 15 Best Dogs in Video Games

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Top 15 Best Dogs in Video Games

They will forever be man’s best friend!

Best Dogs in Video Games of All Time

We’ve all heard the stories about dogs living up to their title as man’s best friend in real-life. Be it rescuing someone from severe danger, mourning when their owner passes, or helping those with disabilities. There are tons of stories about the four-legged creatures having this tight relationship with man. So when canine kind is represented in video games, are they just as awesome?

Well, it turns out that yes they are. Whether they’re sniffing out some form of hidden item, mauling our enemies, or just providing a companion for a long and arduous adventure, they’ve been at our beck and call through the highs and the lows that video games have taken us on. Heck, some of them are even musically talented too, and you can’t argue with a dog that can lay down some smooth jams!

So without further ado, we give you the top 15 best dogs in video games. These pooches deserve all of the treats that are thrown to them.

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