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Top 7 Fastest Selling Games of 2018

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Top 7 Fastest Selling Games of 2018

7 Fastest Selling Games of 2018

The games featured in this list are based on sales figures reported by various publishers and developers, respectively. However, since the sales reports for each game include different time frames, our list will be based on a per-day average. To do this, we divided the number of copies sold in the report by 7.

7. Mario Tennis Aces – 19K per Day

It’s nice to see Nintendo doing so well with the Switch this year. Mario Tennis Aces sold surprisingly well, especially with it being somewhat of a niche title. Within its first week, Aces sold 247K copies, just in Japan. That averages out to 19K a day, which is nothing to scoff at. If you haven’t tried this one out, you definitely should – We loved it!

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ – 285K per Day

When this was first revealed, fans fell in love with the art style. It’s a gorgeous game – And it sold quite well, too! Just in its first week, it sold 2 million copies, averaging out to 285K in one day. That’s a lot of Dragon Ball. That number is even higher now that it’s on the Nintendo Switch. FighterZ pays homage to the Dragon Ball series and is great for newcomers because of its streamlined mechanics.

5. Monster Hunter: World – 428K per Day

2018 started off right with the release of this huge dinosaur-sized RPG. Monster Hunter: World is fantastic, yes, but it’s a game with a lot of deep systems that can be somewhat of a turn-off to new players. That’s why it’s so impressive that it sold 6 million copies in two weeks, or 428K in one day. It was later revealed that this is Capcom’s fastest selling game of all time, which is staggering for a company that’s been around so long. With the series returning to consoles, now is the perfect time to jump in and play.

4. Far Cry 5 – 500K per Day

It seems like each new entry in the Far Cry series just keeps selling faster and faster. Far Cry 5 reviewed extremely well and was the highest selling game for a while – Ubisoft continues to succeed with its franchises. What’s impressive is that it sold 2.5 million copies in just 5 days. That’s 500k in just one day! It’s an incredible game with a vast open world, unique characters, and a story mode that can be played entirely in co-op.

3. God of War – 1.03 Million per Day

Now we start getting into the top dogs – God of War needs no introduction, receiving numerous Game of the Year nominations and perfect scores across various media outlets. The Sony exclusive sold a whopping 3.1 million copies in only 3 days, which averages out to 1.03 million in just a single day. All of those sales are well-deserved, too. It’s got some of the most satisfying combat I’ve experienced in recent memory, and with the engaging narrative and performances, God of War is a must-play. If you own a PS4 and haven’t played God of War yet, go play it now! (Finish reading this, first.)

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man – 1.1 Million per Day

Spider-Man is yet another PS4 exclusive title on many fans’ Game of the Year list. Insomniac did an excellent job of creating such a fun experience that doesn’t overstay its welcome. The swinging is near-perfect, the voice acting will keep you immersed, and that world is just so stunningly beautiful. On top of that, Spider-Man sold 3.3 million copies in 3 days – That’s 1.1 million in its first day, which is absolutely wild. Spider-Man received an Editor’s Choice award from us, so go play it!

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 – 1.2 Million per Day

With surprise to no one, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold well. What is surprising is *how well* it sold. In just two weeks, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 17 million copies, which means it already outsold the original Red Dead Redemption. It also means it averaged out to 1.2 million copies in one day. And as if Rockstar needed more reason to brag, Red Dead Redemption 2 had the biggest opening weekend in the history of entertainment, earning $725 million in 3 days. This will go on to be one of the defining games of the generation and we cannot recommend it enough

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