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Top 25 Best Looking Destiny Class Items


Top 25 Best Looking Destiny Class Items

[showhide] Destiny gives players a lot of options when it comes to growing more powerful, but the aesthetic customization side of things isn’t the greatest. Sure you have some Shaders that make you sparkle and glow, but even then there isn’t a large world of variety. That’s where class items come in.

Class items  come as Cloaks, Marks, and Bonds for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks respectively. While some are fairly simple in appearance, doing little more than adding a splash of color to your Destiny avatar, there are others which really go above and beyond with giving your guardian a badass look.

Cloaks that are part wolf, glowing emblems on your arm, and the skin of your enemies are all components that make some of the best class items in all of Destiny. A few require blind luck to obtain, but there are class items that only the greatest guardians in Destiny will have the pleasure of claiming as their own. Whether it’s through the Crucible challenges of Iron Banner and the Trials of Osirirs, hidden Strike rewards, or even proof that you’ve triumphed over the raids, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

Which will you commit yourself to obtaining? Are you going to be the most stylish guardian in the Tower?[/showhide]

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