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Top 15 Best Mobile Suits in Gundam Versus

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Top 15 Best Mobile Suits in Gundam Versus

So many to choose from.

Gundam games have been few and far between over the last few years for the west, but a big new title is finally here with Gundam Versus. The fighting/action game gives you an absolutely massive roster of over 90 mobile suits to choose from. There’s certainly some classics packed in, but we’re going to take a look a the very best featured in Gundam Versus, both in terms of visual design and overall performance.

The Freedom is the poster child mobile suit of Gundam Seed, and boy is it one deadly machine. Piloted by Kira Yamato, the Freedom comes equipped with dual beam sabers, a shield, plasma beam cannons, railguns, and a beam rifle. The suit also has an advanced targeting system, which in Gundam Seed can let it take down tens of mobiles suits in a split second. Kira, who believes in pacifism, can also instantly disable mobile suits without destroying them, an incredibly impressive feat as he decimates enemy forces entirely on his own.

First things first, the Hyaku Shiki is probably the sleekest looking mobile suit around, built with a shiny gold finish from head to toe. In the hands of the talented Quattro Bajeena it’s also deadly. As a prototype for the transforming Zeta Gundam, the suit comes equipped with beam sabers, a vulcan cannon, a bazooka, and wing binders for additional mobility. Even better that gold finish isn’t just for show, as it applies an anti-beam coating to the Hyaku Shiki.

The Nu Gundam is the mobile suit piloted by the iconic Amuro Ray in Char’s Counterattack, and it’s one to be reckoned with. This suit comes with one of the deadliest weapons in the Gundam series, fin funnels that can spread out and attack the enemy from all directions. In addition to other weapons the Nu Gundam is equipped with a Psychoframe, which allows Amuro to control it like it was his own body.

The Unicorn Gundam is a revolutionary design created for the UC Project, that was created entirely to eradicate Zeonism in the Earth Sphere. The Unicorn has a basic form it features an NT-D form with its psychoframe that highly boosts the power and output of the suit and can take control of enemies’ psycommu weapons by emitting a psycho-field. This mode is a big strain on the pilot though, so the pilot can only endure five minutes of it, but the psycho-field emitted can read the pilots thoughts, meaning they can control the Unicorn basically by thoughts alone. Gundam Versus.

Another Gundam Wing suit, Deathscythe Hell is one terrifying Gundam Versus, and not just for the fantastic Grim Reaper design. This second version of the suit comes with a scythe equipped with two beams and a rocket thruster that increases the speed of blows, effectively quadrupling the power of the original scythe. Combine this with a highly mobile suit, a buster shield, and vulcan cannons, and Deathscythe is ready to dominate in Gundam Versus.

The Exia is the main Gundam of 00, and is piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei, the main character of the series. Unlike the other suits of Celestial Being, the Exia is entirely focused on CQC, equipped with a deadly GN Long Blade, shield, and beam sabers. Essentially the Exia can modify the output of its GN particles in any direction, altering its inertia in the middle of being arborne. Everything about the suit is designed to destroy enemy mobile suits at close range, even if that’s a traitor Gundam pilot.

Barbatos is the main Gundam of the newest series, Iron Blooded Orphans, and it sports a unique almost muscular looking design. The Barbatos can achieve high output due to its dual Ahab Reactors powering it. It also uses a massive mace to bash on enemies, as well as a sword and battle axe. It does have the potential to engage in long range if necessary, and it’s unique in how versatile it is, having interchanging equipment to adapt to each situation.

You can’t get more classic or iconic than the RX-78-2, the original Gundam. This mobile suit still holds an esteemed spot in the annals of Gundam Versus history, as a versatile and capable suit. The unit, along with its pilot Amuro, completely turned the tide of the Federation’s war with Zeon. In addition to a beam saber, shield, and rifle, the RX-78 comes with two other interesting weapons. A beam javelin that can be used at range, and a Gundam hammer that’s essentially a giant spiked ball on a chain.

Gundam Versus is now available on PS4.

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