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15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Dark Souls III

dark souls III

15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Dark Souls III

Even the Ashen One doesn’t know everything.

You Can Break the Stray Demon’s Legs – In Dark Souls III, you can encounter a Stray Demon at the tall bridge accessed from the tower in Farron Swamp. But if you deal enough damage to its legs, they can actually crumble, rendering the Stray Demon immobile, and open for a visceral attack.

You Can Identify Mimics With the Chain – Mimics are everywhere in Dark Souls III, and opening a chest carelessly can spell instant death. To prevent this from happening, look for the silver chain that lies to the side of each chest. If the tip of the chain points away from you, it’s a regular chest and it’s safe to open. If it’s pointing towards you, kill it with fire.

You Can Make Mimics Fall Asleep – Here’s a trick that carried over from Dark Souls. By throwing an Undead Hunter Charm (they were called Lloyd’s Talismans in Dark Souls) at a Mimic chest, the Mimic will fall asleep, and you’ll be able to grab the item that lies inside.

You Can ‘Save’ Anri By Killing the Pilgrim – If you’ve been following the Anri/Yuria quest line, you can actually save Anri from her terrifying fate when you encounter her at Yorshka’s Church. Before leaving the area, make sure to strike the statues that are lying in the corner next to the archway at the entrance. One of these statues is actually a pilgrim using the Chameleon spell. Killing the pilgrim will ensure that Anri gets to face Aldrich later on.

You Can Help Anri Kill Aldrich in His/Her World – If you managed to kill the pilgrim, you can actually be summoned into Anri’s world at Anor Londo for the Aldrich fight. You’ll have to help her kill the boss while keeping her alive if you want to finish that quest line properly.

Anri Stops Fighting if You Kill Horace in Front of Her – If you decide to aggro Anri and Horace for whatever reason, Anri will actually fall to her knees and stop fighting if you kill Horace first. She then speaks a few lines about how she’s failed Horace, and how she can’t continue her journey without him.

Anri’s Sword Scales With Luck – Anri’s Straight Sword might not have the best stats at first glance, and might seem a little lackluster. But if you read the weapon description, you’ll notice that it actually has hidden scaling with Luck. If your Luck stat is high enough, Anri’s sword can actually end up becoming one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Sirris Only Shows Up if You Pick up the Dreamchaser’s Ashes – If you want to meet Sirris of the Sunless Realms and complete that quest line, make sure to pick up the Dreamchaser’s Ashes found behind the illusory wall at the tower in Farron Swamp. Handing the ashes over to the handmaiden at Firelink Shrine and reloading the area will cause Sirris to appear.

Yuria Appears if You Level Up Five Times With Yoel – Yuria is closely tied to one of the hidden endings in Dark Souls III. In order to get her to show up, Level up five times with Yoel of Londor, then reload the area.

You Can Find Quelana and the Fair Lady in Izalith – Quelana and the Fair Lady from Dark Souls do actually show up in this game. If you happen to discover the Izalith Ruins, journey through the labyrinth to find Quelana’s corpse huddled next to the Fair Lady. Quelana will be holding a pyromancy tome.

Hawkwood Can Become a ‘Dragon’ Alongside You – If you follow Hawkwood’s quest line to the end and summon him at Archdragon Peak, he will receive the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone while you get the Torso Stone. Afterwards, Andre will inform you that Hawkwood is waiting for you at the mausoleum in Farron Keep, and you can fight him there to get the Head Stone.

Patches Makes a Jibe at You if You’re a Cleric – We all know that Patches absolutely hates clerics. If you choose the Cleric as your starting class, Patches will make a mean jibe at you when you encounter him at the tower behind Firelink Shrine.

Laddersmith Gilligan is Dead – Laddersmith Gilligan, everyone’s favorite NPC from Dark Souls II, shows up in this entry as well. Next to the bonfire at the Profaned Capital, you’ll find a corpse with the Spread Out gesture. That corpse belongs to Gilligan – fitting, considering that he dies right next to a tall ladder.

You Can Get Havel’s Set at the Stray Demon’s Bridge – If you kill the real Havel at Archdragon Peak, you can get his full badass (albeit fat-looking) armor set at the bridge where you fought the Stray Demon.

You Can Combine Lothric and Lorian’s Swords to Create a New Weapon – Creating the Twin Princes’ Greatsword requires you to be in New Game + at least. Once you’ve transposed the Twin Prince’s Lord Souls and gotten both Lothric and Lorian’s swords, you can obtain this powerful new greatsword that comes with a magic projectile weapon art.

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