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The 15 Most Outrageous Final Fantasy Hairstyles, Ranked


The 15 Most Outrageous Final Fantasy Hairstyles, Ranked

So much hair gel must be needed.

Reno – Final Fantasy VII

Reno has ridiculous hair on two different accounts, both color and shape. First off, his hair is a bright red, a stark difference to just about everyone else in the world of Final Fantasy VII. Besides this though Reno’s hair has an unnatural spikiness to it, which would probably be fine if he didn’t have that ponytail running all the way down his back. It just looks….. odd.

Warrior of Light – Final Fantasy

Now The Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy does hide most of his hair beneath his helmet, but the wavy locks spilling out shows he sure has a tone of it. It basically just looks like an unkempt mess, that would really get in the way when you’re in the middle of a battle.

Gladio – Final Fantasy XV

Gladiolus’ hair is almost like a mullet taken to the extreme. It’s all slicked back on the top and looks relatively cool, but if you look at the back of his head it’s a spiky mane that runs down to his back. It oddly resembles a smaller version of Goku’s ridiculous Super Saiyan III hair.

Sazh – Final Fantasy XIII

Sazh’s hair is all that strange in and of itself, after all he’s sporting a pretty sweet afro. It does have a bit of an odd shape, however. Even more than that is the fact that a baby chocobo chick lives inside Sazh’s hair at all times. To have a bird living up there and not have your hair get messed up at all, is an impressive feat.

Zack – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Everything that Cloud Strife did with his hair, Zack basically did on the back of his head. Throughout Crisis Core Zack goes through two distinct hairstyles, but either way they’re both pretty ridiculous. His finely feathered first haircut seems a little too perfect for a Soldier, while the second juxtaposes a ton of spike out of the back of his head. That had to take a lot of product.

Noctis – Final Fantasy XV

Noctis’ hair may not seem to strange on first glance, but the more you look at it the more it seems to defy gravity. The front of his hairstyle sees Noctis’ hair getting all in his face even hugging the sides of it, which honestly must be pretty annoying. Meanwhile the back unnaturally curves up and down at the same time. That’s some amazing hold.

Marche – Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Anime and video game characters oftentimes have alien looking strands of hair sticking out, but boy Marche is something else. The main character of Tactics Advance has not one, but two lengthy bending strands of hair sticking out. This seems unwieldy has either strand could easily get stuck in a door or somewhere else.

Amarant – Final Fantasy IX

It’s hard to even say what’s going on with Amarant’s hair, as it looks to be some massive dreadlocks. The only problem is the dreadlocks shoot straight back, instead of falling down around his head. He also has a spiky read pharaoh looking beard that sticks straight out. In-game his hair even looks like literally half the size of his body.

Seymour – Final Fantasy X

Seymour Guado takes the cake with ridiculous hairstyles, and he takes it by a wide margin. This is easily one of the most absurd pieces of hair in any video game ever. The weird wavy strand sticking out of the top of Seymour’s head is bad enough, but then you have two giant antlers that stick out of the side and travel down his body. What even is this.

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