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All the Coolest Merch You Could Buy at BlizzCon 2016


All the Coolest Merch You Could Buy at BlizzCon 2016

Baby murloc slippers, anyone?

Blizzcon 2016 came and went, and with it passed by some awesome loot. blizzcon never goes easy on the merch, which is why we’ve collected pictures of all the coolest and best loot around the blizzcon convention. plush was pretty much the name of the game. a giant hippogryph plush sat atop a barrel in the darkmoon faire. they would not let me have it. I am still contemplating my sadess.

next up were smaller, legal plushes. the adoption table at the faire allowed convention goers to find the right companion from them. you can mess around with a trough full of toys, and then at the end, you let them know what plush you want to adopt. and then the other ones get really sad probably.

we also saw lots of collectibles across the show floor. the classic blizzard pins were all the rage once more at the darkmoon faire, with trading tables bustling with prospective offers. the time table here was also selling some limited time collectibles, while gnomish token machines spit out prizes.

not to mention all of the tracer leggings we saw all weekend. it looked as if 5 million carrots were stampeding through Anaheim.

anyways, take a look below for the best and coolest merch we found at blizzcon. let us know what you’d want to buy!

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