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The Best Pokemon You Can Catch in Pokemon GO


The Best Pokemon You Can Catch in Pokemon GO

To be the very best, you have to catch the very best.

You may not think that the starters are worth catching, but finding these rare little critters in Pokemon GO and catching them is the only way to level up your own starter. You want to see that Squirtle evolve, don’t you?

While extraordinarily rare, you can actually encounter and capture Squirtle’s final form out in the wild. Needless to say, this living water tank is no joke.

Just like Blastoise, you can encounter Venusaur out in the wild. It’s a rare encounter, and will almost always be located in areas with lots of trees, but if you can find this beast in Pokemon GO, make sure to catch it if you can.

Charizard is a bit more random than the other starters’ final evolutions when it comes to encountering it in the wild. Fire Pokemon are weird, so you can actually see this one no matter where you go in Pokemon GO. It’s still rare though, and the fire/flying mix will really help you out later on.

Pikachu isn’t particularly rare, and there is a way to get this lovable Pokemon at the very beginning. But it’s still one of the best Pokemon you catch in Pokemon GO because electric is good against flying (curse all those Pidgeys) and you can power up your own Pikachu if you chose it as a starter.

Scyther is fast and powerful. This Bug/Flying type has excpetional HP and can be boosted up to some pretty high CPs. Also, it’s damn cool to look at.

Snorlax is huge and strong. In Pokemon GO it is pretty rare, but you don’t really need to hit up an specific type of geography to find one, meaning you have a chance even if your options are limited.

Lickitung is another rare Pokemon that can be found in most types of locations. It’s silly look and powerful attacks make it must have for your collection.

You’ll often see a Lapras guarding a Gym because they’re pretty darn powerful, if not a bit rare. Search near bodies of water for a better chance at one of Pokemon GO’s more elegant water Pokemon.

Hitmonchan is a Fighting type, meaning it has what it takes to beat the competition. You don’t need to search anywhere specific for this one, although it’s usually not around water, but it is pretty rare so keep an eye out.

Hitmonlee is much like Hitmonchan in that it’s super rare, has no real geographical preference, and is powerful enough to want to covet. Also, it looks pretty cool with its creepy eyes.

Marowak is the more mature, much more aggressive form of Cubone that is both adorable and very dangerous. You can find these little powerhouses around parks, and they’re definitely worth the search.

Dratini’s are very rare in Pokemon GO. Searching near bodies of water will give you a decent chance, but they are far from guaranteed. For those who persevere, though, you’ll be granted a powerful an elegant Pokemon for your troubles.

Onyx is a large rock snake, for lack of a better description, and that alone should make you covet this powerful Pokemon. It can be found just about anywhere except for near bodies of water, although they tend to be one of the more powerful Pokemon to appear, meaning you’ll need to get a hang of your timing.

Mr. Mime is rare, like really rare. You can adventure for hours and not see this Pokemon. But it’s plenty powerful with its psychic abilities, so you may want to seek this one out in Pokemon GO near parks and other standard areas.

Aerodactyl is a rare Rock/Flying Pokemon that you can find in Pokemon GO. They tend to be swift, moving about the screen which can make it difficult for some to nail them with a Poke Ball. They are definitely worth the trouble though, and can help to round out a team especially if you’ve been keeping to the more common offerings.

Now these are very, very, very rare in Pokemon GO. Normally you’d have to catch a ton of Eevees and just hope you get the evolution you want, but there is a chance that you can encounter one of the forms in the wild. They are fast, and will require some skill with a Poke Ball (and some Razz Berries too), since they usually show up with high CP.

Okay, so Magikarps are useless, but how else are you going to get a Gyrados? Time to make room for all of the fish you’re about to catch.

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