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Top 25 Best Overwatch Skins Released to Date, Ranked


Top 25 Best Overwatch Skins Released to Date, Ranked

There are a lot of Overwatch skins, but these are some of the absolute best.

Overwatch Skins have quickly become one of the game’s most popular features, becoming to some even more important than the actual gameplay. Over this last year, we’ve seen tons of new skins and other cosmetics added into the game, mostly via events that give our favourite heroes a new lick of paint in a style we’d never normally see. Here are the 25 best skins that have been introduced in the last momentous year for Overwatch. Keep in mind that this list is totally subjective, but if you think a skin absolutely should be in the list, make sure to leave a comment!


Starting off the list is probably the rarest of all Overwatch skins to date, Blizzcon 2016 Bastion. This skin was awarded to Blizzcon 2016 attendees, and to those who had purchased the digital ticket, so consider yourself lucky if you run into a player using this skin. Besides being rare, the new look that Bastion gets thanks to this cosmetic is a super slick black-and-blue combo that’ll make you regret not buying that expensive digital ticket when you had the chance. Plus, his little bird companion gets a nice make-over, too.


For a long time, this was hands-down’s best skin. Event skins have changed that a little, but for many mains, this skin was and still is a go-to pick. Her Meka gets an intimidating black-and-red combo, and as you’d guess, the entire skin has a carbon-fiber texture to it. It also compliments the competitive reward of a golden gun incredibly well. Outside of her Meka, wears a white, black and red bodysuit with dyed black hair, and she’s never looked better. For a simple epic skin, costing only 250 credits, it’d be a crime if you’re a main who’s never had this look.


Introduced very recently in the last event, Uprising, Combat Medic Zeigler is a skin for Mercy that delves into her past as an Overwatch agent, giving us a taste of what she looked like during Tracer’s first ever mission as a part of the team. Her hair is down in this skin, and slightly shorter than how she normally looks, and she dons a cute nurse hat and a brilliant blue outfit adorned with the Overwatch logo. The best part about this skin is that not only does it look great, but it’s also lore-friendly, making it even more satisfying to use.

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