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The Best Final Fantasy Spin-Off Games: All 24 Ranked


The Best Final Fantasy Spin-Off Games: All 24 Ranked

Some of the best experiences, and they aren’t even part of the main series.

Final Fantasy Tactics is often looked at as one of the best Final Fantasy games, period, so it’s no surprise that the tactical RPG happens to be the best spin-off around. It’s tight focus on strategy and decision making and relentless challenge help it stand as one of the pinnacles of strategy RPGs.

Crisis Core did two things very well. The first is that it took the world of Final Fantasy VII and gave it engaging action gameplay. The second was that it cleared up a lot of confusion and helped to make Zack, a character from a spin-off, a fan favorite. Crisis Core serves as the perfect setup for what would eventually become one of the best games in Final Fantasy history.

After quite a few serious entries in the Final Fantasy franchise, it was time for something that was both lighthearted yet still provided the depth players had come to expect. Enter the Crystal Chronicles series, a multi-player, action-RPG adventure that gave cute characters intense situations to deal with. While later entries in the series don’t have the same appeal s the first few games, Crystal Chronicles remains one of the best spin-off series to date.

If there’s one thing that all Final Fantasy games have in common, it’s fantastic music. Take that music and combine it with a rhythm-centric RPG and you have one of the freshest entries to the franchis ein recent years. The adorable sprites, easy to learn gameplay, and fantastic score that spanned the entire series, helped to captivate fans all around the world.

Action-RPGs already offer a lot of opportunities for fun, that’s further expanded when you throw in unique playable characters that you can develop and switch between on the fly. Type-0 gave players control of Class Zero, 14 soldiers with amazing abiliies who you use to battle an invasion on your country. It’s part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series (which includes FFXIII and FFXV), so there’s a wide range of abilities and opponents on display lending to the depth you can find in the action. Gameplay is fast-paced and fun, and you’ll have to learn how to use each character, making this the perfect spin-off to lose yourself in.

The Final Fantasy series has produced a number of characters perfect for the fighting game scene, so Dissidia Final Fantasy was just waiting to happen. Thankfully, this PSP game plays the part well, providing varied styles between the many characters (which includes both heroes and villains) as well as a story that manages to tie all of the generations together.

There was a time when Final Fantasy and Nintendo went hand-in-hand, and from that relationship a wealth of amazing games sprung forth. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was one of the greatest, offering gameplay similar to that of the classic Final Fantasy Tactics, only bite-sized, with a much more vibrant palate. The introduction of Law Cards added even more challenge as they could restrict your actions forcing you to think outside of the box. tactical gameplay, and still holds up today.

Dirge of Cerberus strayed well off of the path of other FFVII titles. This third-person shooter RPG put players in control of Vincent Valentine three years after the original game ended. We admit that it takes some getting used to, but the super dramatic plot, incredible boss battles, and the ability to control the badass Vincent are things you absolutely need to experience for yourself.

Many FF fans look at Mystic Quest as Final Fantasy lite, and for good reason. It’s a fun, turn-based RPG that offers a challenge but never gets too deep. It’s a perfect entry point for people looking to get into JRPGs and the fantastic story, lovely music, and adorable sprites help it stand up with the best of them.

Revenant Wings takes place directly after Final Fantasy XII, following Vaan and Penelo on their quest to become great Sky Pirates. The two have obtained a ship and set out on their own. Interesting, the game is actually an RTS on the Nintendo DS, having you control your units in battle with the touch screen. It works a lot better than you might expect, and the story takes some interesting turns, bringing back old friends and introducing new ones.

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