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15 Awesome Final Fantasy Figurines Fit for Your Collection


15 Awesome Final Fantasy Figurines Fit for Your Collection

You need these increadible figures.

The popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise has inspired some superbly detailed figurines. We’ve scoured the internet and came back with 15 figurines essential for any Final Fantasy collection.

Play Arts is Square Enix’s official line of Final Fantasy figures, and there are plenty of high-quality examples to choose from. This 10 inch model of Kai, though, is one of the standouts. The pliable figurine boasts some exceptional detail, and the color of the paintwork is exceptional. The cloak covering her shoulders and waist is made from a soft material and does not impede articulation, allowing for dynamic action posing by bending freely at the legs and shoulders. The figure also includes the sword “Crimson Blitz” and the shield “Night Lotus”, allowing you to re-create numerous scenes from the game.

Cecil Harvey is Final Fantasy IV’s main protagonist, and the Dissidia franchise saw a stunning figure from Trading Arts Figure back in 2008. This highly detailed five-inch plastic model is assembled via easy snap-in parts and comes with its own base. There are five models in the series but this is the pick of the bunch.

Our favorite flower girl is brought to life in another beautiful figure by Play Arts. Fully articulated with over 22 points of articulation, this seven-inch plastic model comes with interchangeable hands, stand and her staff weapon. We really love how well the detail on Aerith’s face, in particular, conveys her warm personality.

The judge Magister from Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth, is one mean, ruthless character, and this awesome figure looks suitably intimidating. Quite possibly one of Play Arts most detailed models, Gabranth’s paintwork is finished exquisitely. Like other models in the range, the eleven inch Gabranth can be contorted into different poses. He comes with two different swords and two different hands, so you can set him up to your preference.

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