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Celebrate Rise of Iron Week With These 20 Fantastic Destiny Cosplays


Celebrate Rise of Iron Week With These 20 Fantastic Destiny Cosplays

Are you ready Guardians?

With a base game and five different expansions, including the new Rise of Iron, Destiny has gathered quite a fan following over the last couple years. Fans are passionate about the game, and that passion comes through loud and clear with the cosplayers as well.

Players have always had tons of different customization options for their Guardians, and you can see that reflected in the cosplay we see. Cosplayers have built so many different variations of Guardians from the game, and there’s a ton of room for improvisation and basically designing the character you want. Hunter definitely seems to be the most popular class for costumes to be made out of, but there’s a few Warlocks and Titans mixed in as well.

Some cosplayers opt to just go for a helmeted version of a Guardian, or go without the helmet as a human. There’s a surprising amount of people representing also representing other races from the game, like the Awoken and the Exo.

Of course, Guardians aren’t the only ones being cosplayed, as quite a few NPCs get their time in the spotlight as well. Lord Shaxx, Petra Venj, and Queen of the Reef cosplays are particularly memorable. Destiny certainly doesn’t have a lack of memorable characters to choose from, and Rise of Iron is bound to add on quite a few more.

Rise of Iron is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The expansion features brand new story content in an area called “The Plaguelands.” You’ll be under the command of Lord Saladin, facing off against a new faction known as the the Fallen Devils, while unraveling the mystery of the Iron Lords.

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