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The Best Borderlands Vault Hunters: All 16 Ranked


The Best Borderlands Vault Hunters: All 16 Ranked

Greetings, Vault Hunter.

Best Borderlands Vault Hunters Ranking

Credit to Brick for being in the original Borderlands Vault Hunters crew. But when all is said and done, he’s the weakest of the four to play as. His big Skill is just punching people to death and getting angry, which is admittedly awesome. He’s clearly better suited for close combat, but that can be somewhat dangerous in an FPS. Still has some great lines, though. Ah, Claptrap, greeter to all Hunters in the first two games. You were finally made playable in Pre-Sequel and you were…kind of a mess, to be honest. It’s a crap shoot as to what you’ll be able to do when activating VaultHunter.EXE, and it’s not until you’re upgraded that you’re really worth a dang.

There’s not much to Roland, frankly. He was a good starting point for Gearbox to do better work with in Borderlands 2, and his turret has its uses, but is ultimately a pea shooter in hindsight. Healing bullets are indeed useful, but that’s not enough to cover how bleh he is. A cyborg ninja who speaks in haikus makes Zer0 one of the best Vault Hunters around just on that alone. But his Decepti0n Skill turns him into quite the literal ninja, both with his increasingly powerful sword, and also by turning him invisible.

At first, you would think that Axton is just Roland with a new skin, since he also has a deployable turret. But Borderlands 2 wisely upgrades the turret, letting you customize it to either become two turrets or launch rockets. Heck, you can even have it create a nuke upon deployment or teleport to a specific location. Hard to imagine how future Vault Hunters could be made better in future games.

those are all the best borderlands vault hunters ranked, for more, stay tuned to twinfinite

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