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How Well Do You Really Know the ‘Tales of’ Series? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz

tales of series

How Well Do You Really Know the ‘Tales of’ Series? Take the Ultimate Fan Quiz

Test your Tales knowledge.

What Year Did the First Tales of Game Release In Japan?

It all started in December 1995, with Tales of Phantasia. The title was a bit different from RPGs of the time, as it featured a real-time combat system instead of turn-based. Unfortunately, North America wouldn’t get Phantasia until years later on the Game Boy Advance in 2006.

What Is the Name of the Famous Pirate That Appears In Multiple Tales Games?

While Aifread hasn’t been in every single Tales game, he’s appeared in quite a few across the series, similarly to Final Fantasy’s Cid. In each appearance he’s a pirate, although sometimes he’s merely mentioned instead of seen. He usually leaves a bunch of priceless treasure scattered across the land for budding heroes to find.

Which Tales Game Was the First to Have Voiced Skits?

Skits have been a huge feature of the Tales series since the idea was introduced as the Active Party Window in Tales of Destiny. They’ve grown over the years, beginning to include more animation and full voice acting. Legendia voice all skits and story scenes in the Main Quest scenario of the game. Unfortunately, the second part called Character Quest dropped the voices in story scenes, and only kept them for skits.

What Is the 7th Dwarven Vow in Tales of Symphonia?

Lloyd Irving’s adopted father in Tales of Symphonia is a Dwarf, and he teaches him how to be a kind and just person. Throughout the game Lloyd and other characters iterate many of the Dwarven Vows, but none are used as much as number seven. Interestingly, the vow changes when characters say it in battle to “Justice and love will always win”

What Famous Japanese Composer Created the Soundtrack For Phantasia, and Has Worked on the Series Since?

Motoi Sakuraba was the composer for Tales of Phantasia, and has worked on nearly every title in the series since. He’s produced countless tracks for Tales games, including being the main composer for the newest entry, Tales of Berseria. He’s also worked on games like Baten Kaitos and Star Ocean.

True or False: Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Phantasia Are Connected

Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Phantasia actually are connected, albeit a little loosely. Technically, Symphonia is a prequel to Phantasia, taking place 4000 years before it. Because of this, some names, items, and locations are shared between the two. The references are small, however, and you don’t need to play one to play the other.

True or False: Celestia and Ephinia Are the Two Worlds in Tales of Eternia?

Eternia is one of many Tales titles that focus around the existence of two different worlds. In Eternia the worlds are called Inferia and Celestia. Graces on the other hand has two worlds called Ephinea and Fodra. Symphonia, Phantasia, and Xillia also feature two different worlds.

Which Of These Is Not a Recovery Gel in the Tales Series?

Gels are the main recovery items you use in every Tales game, starting at Apple Gels and continuing on with other tropical fruits or special types.

How Many Main Series Titles Have Never Been Officially Localized for the United States?

At this point, there are still three main series Tales titles that have never made their way to North America, in addition to a number of spinoffs of course. Tales of Destiny 2, Rebirth, and Innocence have never been localized. In addition, there’s also a remake of the first Destiny that never made its way west.

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