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15 Summer 2017 Games That Prove the Drought Is a Lie

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15 Summer 2017 Games That Prove the Drought Is a Lie

Plenty to play this summer.

Summer gaming is often overlooked as there usually aren’t many games worth looking out for. 2017 is doing things a bit differently though with some highly anticipated titles awaiting players throughout the sweltering months. We must note, though, that we’re only focusing on releases until the end of August, which is the usual dead zone for game releases, so games like Destiny 2, which releases in the beginning of September, aren’t on here since that’s when things normally pick back up.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – After years and years of pleading with Activision to let this classic hero out of their vault, prayers were finally answered during E3 2016 when the orange loudmouth’s triumphant return was announced on Sony’s stage. In just a few days, fans will be able to dive into fully remastered editions of the first three games as they jump, bounce, spin, and bash their way to some prime nostalgic platforming action.


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – Final Fantasy XII may not be at the top of many fans’ lists when it comes to favorite entries in the series, but that may be because they never got to experience the Japan-exclusive Zodiac Job System which completely overhauls the progression and strategies of the game. Square Enix has been on a roll in recent years and it looks like they’re ready to spruce up Summer 2017 with a classic that is ready to change the minds of naysayers.

Splatoon 2 Splatoon was a surprise hit on the Wii U as Nintendo showed that it can add its particular brand of magic to pretty much any genre. A family-friendly third-person shooter full of challenge and bright color? Easy for the gaming giant. Now they’re looking to do it again, this time taking advantage of the extra power and portability of the Nintendo Switch. Nothing like taking some virtual supersoakers out into the summer sun.


Hey Pikmin! The Pikmin have invaded a new platform, this time taking to the Nintendo 3DS as diminutive hero Captain Olimar seeks to escape a new world. This time, you’ll enjoy the action of the acclaimed series in a 2D platformer that makes use of new powers and the handheld’s touch screen. You can’t say that Nintendo isn’t trying to make summer gaming in 2017 a time to remember.


Tacoma Fullbright, the studio that brought Gone Home to the world and furthered the conversation about how we view video games, is set to drop another thought-provoking experience into the laps of Xbox One and PC players. Explore a space station full of memories and mysteries as you’re guided by someone on the other end of a radio. If you liked Gone Home, you may want to clear one of your summer weekends.


Agents of Mayhem We’re not getting a new Saints Row this year, at least not in the direct sequel sense. Volition has been hard at work on an alternate universe that was birthed from the end of Gat Out of Hell. The standout feature is the sheer amount of customization to create your own, super-agent team to deal with evil, and how you’ll see classic Saints Row characters and even some other things you may recognize. It may not be the Saints Row you asked for, but Volition is continuing its trend of providing summer fun.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Ninja Theory is no stranger to great, action-packed experience – DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Heavenly Sword – and they’re posed to deliver once again with their self-proclaimed AAA-indie. Hellblade is a bit darker than what the studio has put forth in the past. Players will explore a world full of nightmares that come from Senua’s psychosis and perception of reality as they deal with dangerous beasts from Celtic and Norse mythology.


Matterfall Housemarque has been delivering on twin-stick shooters for years and they don’t seem to be slowing down, even after they just released an amazing video game in the form of Nex Machina. Matterfall takes things back to side-scrolling, but don’t think that this will be any easier. You’ll find plenty of fun and challenge throughout the summer with this intense shooter.


Sonic Mania Saying that Sonic has had a rough go in recent years is a bit of an understatement. Yet it seems like SEGA has figured out that the way to finally move forward is to go back and provide something that rivals even the greatest classics in the series. The best part? You’ll be able to race through levels with amazing music this summer.


Madden NFL 18 What would summer gaming be without some good ol’ sports. Madden is always a source of tons of gameplay, competition, and rivalry to help carry fans through the end of the summer.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Uncharted 4 was one of last year’s best games, but the adventure isn’t over. August brings us an experience that follows Nadine and Chloe with all of the action-packed setpieces we’ve come to expect from Naughty Dog. Also, with the developer saying that Uncharted may not be done this may be the first glimpse into what the future may hold.


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle When leaks surrounding a Mario and Rabbids crossover surfaced, many weren’t sure what to think. It turns out that while it looked a bit silly, it’s actually a damn good tactical game that mixes the best of Mario, Rabbids, and gameplay in the vein of XCOM. Get ready for something that’s equal parts challenge and adorable.


Yakuza Kiwami The Yakuza series has been one of SEGA’s Strongest since its inception. Of course, it’s not very new so many newer gamers may not have experienced the original, thankfully you’ll get a chance with a complete remake so you can experience Kazuma Kiryu’s first adventure.


Warriors All-Stars The Yakuza series has been one of SEGA’s Strongest since its inception. Of course, it’s not very new so many newer gamers may not have experienced the original, thankfully you’ll get a chance with a complete remake so you can experience Kazuma Kiryu’s first adventure.


Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Life is Strange grabbed the attention and hearts of many with its time traveling adventure that forced players to choose between a loved one and the rest of their town. It created a roller coaster of emotions that’s impossible to forget, and now the series is looking to repeat it by letting us look into the life of one of the first game’s most intriguing characters.Just don’t expect any time powers.


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