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Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods You Can’t Play Without

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake mods

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods You Can’t Play Without

Best Resident Evil 2 Remake Mods

The Resident Evil 2 remake has finally kicked off, scaring fans with another look at the terrifying Raccoon City. As usual, the modding community has been creating some awesome new additions you can put in your game. If you’re looking for some, here are the best Resident Evil 2 remake mods you can find right now.

First-Person Perspective

The Resident Evil series has gone from first to third-person perspective since Resident Evil 7. If you prefer the more front-facing horror, you can add this mod that essentially shifts the camera perspective to the first-person perspective. Giving the game a new lens is a great way to start your second or third playthrough, and it adds a new layer of horror you can’t find with the over-the-shoulder view. Just imagine Mr. X charging straight at you in a dark, eerie hallway.

Claire’s Classic Fix

Capcom did fans a good one by adding in the classic Leon and Claire costumes for free in Resident Evil 2. These aren’t the ’98 models, but an enhanced version of their outfits from the original PS1 game. While Leon has a spot-on RPD uniform, Claire’s classic clothes feel a bit off without the entire black shirt. Changing it to a tank top was far from a bad decision, but some fans might prefer the OG look. Luckily, this mod fixes her outfit and makes it true to her original 90’s biker outfit.

Special Forces Leon

This mod gives Leon a cool new outfit based on the special forces unit HUNK works for in the Resident Evil 2 remake. It’s actually the exact same pair of clothes, while his head comes from the classic Noir costume. This mod is a nice little touch if you’re looking for more outfits in the game, and not to mention it’s both classy and stylish. To select it, you’ll need to pick either the Noir or Sheriff costume.

Chris Redfield Mod

Chris Redfield is probably off trotting in Europe, but you can add him in the Resident Evil 2 remake with this mod. This version of the RE hero is taken from his RE7 model. The mod isn’t perfect since it lacks some of the animations, but it’s still a fun little way to add Chris in the game (since he’s basically in almost every single one). To select him, just pick Leon’s Noir outfit.

Katherine Warren Mod

Katherine Warren met a grizzly fate after Chief Irons kidnapped and killed her in the Resident Evil 2 remake. While she’ll be starring in her own spin-off mode, you can add her in as a playable character right now. This mod lets you play as Katherine and clear the story as her as a substitute for Claire’s model. All you need to do is select Claire Noir and you should have her as a playable character in the game.

Ada Wong Mod

Yet another character mod, this one adds in the mysterious Ada Wong as a permanent playable character. She’s playable during a certain point in Leon’s route, but not much else after that. While she does play a big role in the Resident Evil 2 remake, most of her actions are usually done behind the scenes. Since Capcom hasn’t released a standalone mode for this femme fatale, you can use this mod to make her a playable character – red dress and all.

Noir Claire Overhaul

Claire’s Noir costume feels a bit plain compared to some of her other outfits in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Her while polo and tie give her a snazzy look (along with that fedora), but why not spice things up with a new look? This mod mixes things up by recoloring her polo to black and getting rid of the fedora. Instead, Claire gets a more roughed-up look with tousled, wet hair. Now she really looks like a hardboiled detective with this new look.

New RPD Uniform

Leon’s updated outfit is definitely a step above his classic costume, but it’s not the same as the other RPD uniforms his co-workers are wearing. If you want him wearing the same threads as Marvin Branagh (and even the police zombies), you can use this mod. It replaces his dark shirt for the light-blue uniform found around the police precinct.

Blonde Elza Walker

Elza Walker was originally meant to take Claire’s role in Resident Evil 1.5, but the idea was scrapped entirely. The biker girl’s costume eventually landed in the Resident Evil 2 remake, although Claire kept her brunette hair. For those who really want to play as Elza Walker, you can add this mod to give Claire the blonde hair Elza originally had.

Ben Bertolucci Mod

Ben Bertolucci has a fairly small role in the Resident Evil 2 remake. The reporter met his gruesome desmise at the hands of William Birkin at the jail cell, never to be heard from again. And unlike the gun shop owner and Katherine Warren, he isn’t a part of Ghost Survivors. If, for some reason, you’ve wanted to play as him, you can add this mod to the game. It essentially lets you play the game as Ben through Leon’s Noir costume.

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