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Ranking the Best Weapons Added to Fortnite: Battle Royale

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Ranking the Best Weapons Added to Fortnite: Battle Royale

9. Suppressed Submachine Gun

The suppressed submachine gun is one of the worst weapons in Fortnite; there just aren’t many great uses for it. You can’t really hit many people from range due to the poor accuracy. It’s only really good if you catch someone completely off guard, but due to the fast-paced nature of Fortnite, that’s not going to happen very often.

8. Assault Rifle With Scope

It’s not as good as the bolt-action or semi-auto sniper rifle, and it’s not even as good as the vanilla assault rifle, but this gun isn’t a complete waste. It’s good for long range spraying, and you could get lucky and grab some kills with it. Still, there are definitely better options out there.

7. Hand Cannon

Basically a beefed up revolver, the hand cannon can be pretty decent if you’ve got good aim. A quick headshot with this weapon will most likely wipe out any non-fully shielded opponent in one blow. If you haven’t got good aim, however, the slow fire rate of this weapon can make it less reliable than even a regular pistol.

6. Suppressed Pistol

A good standard weapon, and a welcome upgrade to the pistol with its extra damage output. The suppressed pistol’s accuracy makes it a much better option than the suppressed submachine gun for the job that they were both intended for: stealth. A few well placed shots can quietly deal with your enemies. Its relatively quick fire rate can even come in handy in a pinch when up against shotgun-wielders.

5. Minigun

The minigun is the number one choice for tearing down forts. Its lightning-fast fire rate and massive DPS output can be very useful in the late game. Unfortunately, it has one major drawback – it’s VERY loud! Firing up this bad boy after dropping at Tilted Towers will definitely bring some unwanted attention. Save it for the right situations, though, and the minigun can be a very effective secondary weapon.

4. Tactical Submachine Gun

While it doesn’t look like much, the tactical submachine gun has one of the highest DPS potentials in the entirety of Fortnite, thanks to its monstrous fire rate that even outpaces the Minigun! Its medium to close range capabilities make it a good alternative to shotguns. Unfortunately, this weapon is very limited when it comes to long range, losing out in versatility to the assualt rifle.

3. Hunting Rifle

The hunting rifle is possibly the best alternative to the two sniper rifles in Fortnite. Although it can’t match its contemporaries in accuracy, its extra visibility that the lack of a scope brings shouldn’t be overlooked; it makes the hunting rifle much easier to use on the fly. You could pop a couple shots, while still staying mobile and aware of your surroundings. Its slow fire rate means you’ll need good aim, but it’s certainly easier to use than the revolver and hand cannon.

2. Light Machine Gun

The light machine gun is a great jack-of-all-trades weapon. I like to think of it as an assault rifle, tactical machine gun, and minigun all wrapped into one. It’s good for tearing down buildings, tearing down foes at close range, and spraying at distant foes. It doesn’t really do any of these jobs better than the three aforementioned weapons, but it’s damn close. And you certainly can’t fault that magazine size of a whopping 100 bullets!

1. Heavy Shotgun

Shotguns are extremely useful in Fortnite, and the heavy shotgun is a damn good’n. It pumps out more damage, a higher range, and a faster fire rate than the pump shotgun. If you’re in a bunny hopping duel out in the open, the heavy shotgun will allow you to chip off your opponents health quicker than either of the other two shotguns thanks to its better medium range. You don’t have to be completely up in your opponents face to do decent damage. It’s an excellent gun to get early on in the game, and can serve you well way into the late game, too.

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