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25 PS4 Games That Need to Come to PlayStation Now

Dark Souls, best ps4 exclusives

25 PS4 Games That Need to Come to PlayStation Now

What does the future hold for PlayStation Now?

Sony has finally made well on its promise to bring PS4 games to PlayStation Now. The first collection of 20 PS4 titles includes God of War 3 Remastered, Killzone Shadow Fall, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and Evolve.

What PlayStation 4 games are coming to PS Now? What are the best PlayStation 4 games that aren’t available on PC?

Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light

Horizon Zero Dawn

Uncharted 4

The first three Uncharted games are already available via PS Now and fingers are crossed that Uncharted 4 could soon join its predecessors. Unfortunately, this is yet another incredibly popular title that Sony might not want to add to the flat rate service just yet especially with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on the way. In the event both titles eventually come to PS Now, it’s safe to say that subscriptions will see an exponential boost.


It’s been more than two years since Bloodborne game into our lives and changed them forever. Bloodborne was a beautifully dark and delightfully difficult game that pulled gamers in for a unique experience that can’t be forgotten. Now that the price for the dated action RPG has been significantly slashed, it seems like a no brainer to add to the PS Now family.

Night in the Woods

Injustice 2

Despite having more than 500 game titles, PlayStation Now only has a handful of major fighting games and even fewer that even still have active communities. Injustice 2 would be a great addition not only for the sake of pulling in more subscribers from the fighting game community but also for the sake of expanding Injustice 2’s lifespan. NetherRealm games tend to go as quickly as they come but having Injustice 2 and its upcoming DLC content on PS Now could help the game keep momentum even after NetherRealm places their focus back on another Mortal Kombat title.

Until Dawn

Gravity Rush 2 & Gravity Rush Remastered

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

It’s hard to find a gamer who isn’t, at the very least, curious about revisiting the days of Crash Bandicoot. Most of them, however, are incredibly eager to do so. At the moment, only PS4 owners have the luxury of transporting back to the 90s with the N. Sane Trilogy. It’s time for the N. Sane Trilogy to come to PS Now and share Crash with more of the world.

Persona 5

Based on Persona 5’s DLC schedule alone, there is more than enough reason to believe the title won’t be coming to PS Now in the near future, but just imagine how incredible that addition would be. Persona 5 remains a popular game and with more new content coming to the game for certain events, there is still a lot of profit to be made on the console side of things. With there still being enough attention behind this critically acclaimed series to drive new sales on console, it just doesn’t seem possible that we will Persona 5 hit PS Now in 2017. Fingers crossed that that prediction is wrong.


The Last Guardian


Batman Arkham Knight

For Honor

Ratchet & Clank

Yakuza 0

Dishonored 2

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Dragon Quest Builders

Wipeout Omega Collection


Friday the 13 The Game

Zombie Army Trilogy

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